Remedium Announces The Cause-Based Retailer

The ONLY sustainable health and fitness subscription box that increases everyone's quality of life


Gainesville, FL – November 29, 2017 – Remedium is a cause-based retailer whose mission is to sustainably increase the quality of life by uniting people with transparent, quality products and causes that do a world of good, the world over.


We are curating our first health and fitness subscription box for you for the holidays! It's full of quality products that are connected with certified causes that do sustainable good.


Our quest reaches from across the globe to our own backyards directly connecting you with purposeful people and causes that do good in four key areas: HUMANITY, ANIMAL WELFARE, ENVIRONMENT, & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.


Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or you want to make healthy, sustainable changes, the Remedium box is your way to be healthy with quality, practical products and help others and GIVE BACK THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!


About Remedium


Eric Gilbert developed the concept for Remedium with his wife, Carol Gilbert-Orrego, and the plan with their business consultant, Douglas. Eric delights in connecting people with amazing causes and practical products that give back. He has co-owned and operated a successful, growing e-commerce business with Carol since 2014 selling thousands of products to thousands of happy customers over time. His vision is to easily unite people with brands that are improving lives and caring for the environment in healthy ways.


To learn more or to help fund the Remedium Indiegogo campaign, please visit:  



Eric Gilbert


Gainsville, FL


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