MRT - Leads Drivers to Victories!

MRT - Leads Drivers to Victories!

MRT - helps drive success for Darian Gomez and Mark Shea in the ULTRA4 “Yukon Battle in the Bluegrass” Huntington Beach, CA. (August 30, 2017) MotoRaceTire / MRT continues its winning streak. And it’s making their drivers happy.

MRT’s Kevlar Armor Belt tires demonstrate their quality by standing up to extreme racing terrain. These tires are a contributing factor to the driver’s winning scenario. The results are outstanding! MotoRaceTire / MRT tires helped their drivers take 1st and 2nd in the ULTRA4 “Yukon Battle in the Bluegrass” race in Bedford, KY on August 12, 2017.

The winning drivers, Darian Gomez (1st) and Mark Shea (2nd) for Haluch Racing, both using MRT Kevlar Armor Belt tires and finished the race with no tire issues and no flats.

Neither driver used run flat additions such as blocks or balls, MRT quality allows drivers to run with confidence.

“I’m more impressed with MRT tires than any other part on my car as they held up to a hard beating. I hit some rough stuff and the tires were amazing!”, claims Darian Gomez, 1st place winner of the race. 

“With rough terrain and weather conditions, racing in the ULTRA4 is a sure way to find weakness in a tire. We accredit the Kevlar Armor Belt as the strongest, best traction UTV tire on the market.  And our continued innovation ensures our tires are always able to succeed through the toughest challenges” according to Mark Thornburg, president MRT.

Winning is not new for MRT – as MRT Tires were a factor in sweeping the ULTRA4 Series in 2016 (National, West, East and Wild West series) and the National Series and West in 2015.

Moto Race Tire takes 1st and 2nd at Ultra4 Battle in the Bluegrass Dirty Turtle Off-road. By Don Bailey

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MRT - Moto Race Tires are the epitome of the perfect off road tire for UTV’s and ATV’s. The sidewall is aggressive to get you out of those rutted out trails. The Kevlar belted top section is made from a stickier rubber compound than conventional power sports tires to make any wet or slimy mud trail or creek a walk in the park. These tires have held up to the most brutal conditions from baja racing out west, to short course racing back east, to trail riding in Moab and slick rock and sticky mud down in Tennessee.

When racing, it’s no secret that top teams usually have any were from 1 to 5 sets of different tires for different terrains. Well when riding on Moto Race Tires you don’t have to waste time changing out for other tires. If the short course is wet or if it has rained in Moab or if the trail is extremely dry or scary rocky, you know these tires are going to perform perfectly in every condition.

Ultra4 and King of the Hammers are the toughest off road racing in America. Moto Race tires have proven many times that they are the toughest UTV tire in this racing series. Numerous podium finishes and very rarely do you ever see a flat on a car running the X-ROX DD tires. The quality of these tires are second to none. I wouldn't trust any other tire on my UTV……EVER. THANKS Don Bailey HammerDown Productions

About MRT:

MRT,, is the leader in delivering the highest quality and most innovative tires on the market today. Working closely with race teams, MRT developed the first and only Kevlar Race Tire using Kevlar Armor Belt. These tires are lightweight and designed to provide run flat protection combined with strength and speed on the track. MRT Kevlar Armor Belt quality is designed and built to outlast the competition. Guaranteed. 

Our teams test in ALL race conditions, and tires components are modified based on driver’s feedback and tire performance. This attention to detail and drive for continuous improvement is why MRT provides the best race tire now and will continue to provide the best tire for all race and riding conditions.
Quality where and when you need it. What are you waiting for? For more information on MRT: contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; 844.884.9759, - ATVonics:


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