DFSCoin – Enabling Fantasy Sports Fans to Play with Added Freedom

Many are aware of crypto currency and it's most famous coin, Bitcoin. Yet, cryptocurrencies include many alt coins that offer many functions, fulfilling the ever evolving digital coin sector’s exponential needs. In line with the multi-use cryptocurrency lineup, comes DFSCoin. DFSCoin is a game currency that is fast gaining usefulness in the world of fantasy sports in which sports fans from all over the globe can play the fantasy sports they love. In an elaborate mannered definition, DFSCoin or its full term, Daily Fantasy Sports Coin is a peer to peer cryptocurrency for daily fantasy sports.

The sports include American Football, Soccer and Cricket which have billions of fans worldwide. Athletes like Tom Brady, Lionel Messi and Sachin Tendulkar are just a few of the famous players. As a game currency, DFSCoin will be used on sites like DraftDaily.com, FanLucci.com and other online sites where sports fans flock to play daily fantasy sports – with the use of DraftDaily.com’s API suite. This mechanism is a boom for sports fans from around the world where they can play fantasy sports minus stifling restrictions. DFSCoin was created to fix a problem that needed addressing. Daily fantasy sports sites earn a 10% commission for each contest. Unfortunately the profit made has can be reduced up to half due to credit card processing fees. Financial platforms such as PayPal are no better in this aspect. The worst is yet to be anticipated when the deposits made by the player are frozen or simply stolen. On top of that, there is the risk of fraudulent deposits and charge backs – all these only make things daunting and untrustworthy.

The coders and creators of DFSCoin saw this problem and realized that a secure mechanism which is also has cost effective means are needed to amend these deficiencies besetting this sector. The talented team behind DFSCoin put their thoughts into a action by coming up with DFSCoin. The coin is made to have a higher security value for both ends – the user and fantasy sports site operators. The major highlight is the drastic reduction of transactions fees whereby the costs are lowered by DFSCoin’s blockchain, an ingenious way to reap more profit. Open ledger players can have their mind at ease and the confidence that their deposited funds are safe and are used only to payout the prize pool. That’s the motive behind DFSCoin’s creation and function. To understand DFSCoin’s function, understanding what accounts for fantasy sports is necessary. Fantasy sports is defined by users creating virtual teams made from real athletes from real life sports teams. Then, games or contests where these teams contend with each are held either on a daily or weekly basis – they are drafted ahead of the day’s live sporting events. Users can only draft players from professional teams scheduled to play that day. They must draft athletes from a minimum of 3 different pro teams to create their fantasy team. Once the user creates a fantasy team, the chosen athletes’ statistical performance dictates how many points are scored. The fantasy points earned are tabulated real time for the users to see. When the games come to an end for the day, the users will be able to see the total points that they have earned. Last but not least, prizes are presented to the games’ victors.

There are several key features in DFSCoin that are accessible and easy to employ to users who are into online fantasy sports. The key features consist of Social Media Sign Up, Deposit Bonuses, User Created Contests, Game Tickets, Frequent Player Points, On Site Store, Refer a Friend Affiliate System and many others in the course of development with full API solutions. These features promote integration with existing Gaming Sites. The potential of DFSCoin is promising, there is an estimate that there are over 59.3 million fantasy sports players in the United States and Canada alone. The fantasy sports industry has been around for quite some time, in 2003 there was a total of 15.2 million players. Fantasy sports yearly growth rate is staggering.

The industry is only expected to grow leaps and bounds as time progresses. As long as there is cumulative growth in fantasy sports industry, DFSCoin will have a positive impact and a long successful journey and a platform to prove that it has all it takes to operate as an efficient monetizing method for daily fantasy sports. To sign up and get more information about DFSCoin, visit http://dfscoins.com To sign up and play Daily Fantasy Sports visit www.draftdaily.com and FanLucci.com


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