Justin Ng, a Successful Fitness Trainer and Amateur Muay Thai Fighter

Justin Ng, a Successful Fitness Trainer and Amateur Muay Thai Fighter

Justin Ng is a nineteen year old American Born Chinese who currently lives in Manhattan, New York. From the very beginning, he has expressed a strong passion for health and fitness activities. It was only at the tender age of eleven when he started boxing. Within a matter of three years at the age of fourteen he transitioned to Thai Boxing and had his first fight at fifteen. In the year of 2015, Justin won his first National title. He then went on to represent the USA Team at a World tournament in Spain all within the same year. In 2016, he coached the USA Team in Italy and left his distinct impression - making his first World K1 Champion, Raquel Harris.

Justin Ng started personal training when he was sixteen years old. He soon realized that he was naturally good at teaching others about the finer points of Muay Thai as well as boxing. It was soon that a chanced remark from another individual at the gym led him to take up personal training as his profession. Within a matter of a few years, Justin Ng was invited to train a client in West Hollywood, CA. He created a 18 day, three-hour-a-day training program specific to his clients fitness goals. One individual traveled across the world from Brazil to New York just to train with Justin, seeking his help for his upcoming amateur bout at the time. With Justin Ng’s level and knowledge of expertise in the striking arts, Justin is able to coach individuals of all levels and bring their fullest potential out of them.

About Justin Ng:
Justin Ng is an American Born Chinese fitness professional that teaches Muay Thai and boxing in New York City. Over the years, he has helped numerous clients to reach the pinnacle of their fitness and find success in their sports careers.

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