Universal Basketball League ("UBL") Offers Huge $32,000,000 Cash Basketball Prize

 Universal Basketball League  ("UBL") OFFERS  $32,000,000 CASH BASKETBALL PRIZE UP FOR GRABS

The new Universal Basketball League "UBL" is offering the richest CASH prize in Basketball history. A cool $32,000,000!

The "UBL" league does NOT focus on the elite 2,000 or so players that make up the NCAA college teams or the NBA. Instead, the "UBL" league focus's its attention on the 80,000,000 plus passionate men and women basketball players that actively play the game in North America, Canada and in four Caribbean nations. Peurto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Cuba.

In particular, If you are a high school student or have recently graduated from highschool and would like a chance to play for some of that $32,000,000 CASH prize then you need to contact "UBL".

If you are a group of players, a business man, an entreprenuer and would like to own one of the teams in the "UBL" league and have a shot at having the winning team then contact "UBL". The owner of the winning team takes home $5,000,000 USD from the $10,000,000 first prize CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS tournament. Each player on the 10 man team takes home a check for $500,000 USD.

There are 64 teams to be established in every USA State and Canadian Province and the four Caribbean countries. All regular season games will be played in the State in which they are registered so there are no travel costs or expensive player salaries. There are 15 regular season games where teams can hone their skills and develop as a team. After the regular season ends there is a 64 team knockout tournament(very much like the NCAA March Madness tournament) in each State to determine the  State Champion.

This is where the "UBL" league gets interesting. Every State, Canadian Province and the champions of the four Caribbean countries, then compete in the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS tournament for the $32,000,000 CASH prize. The first prize is $10,000,000 and then there are other payout prize monies for runner up teams.

The "UBL" is a sperb patform for young basketball players to show of their skills and compete for major prize money. "UBL" will be working with a major sports agency to give those players that stand out in the "UBL" league an opportunity to be recognized for their skills that otherwise would not have been noticed. 

The "UBL" league is currently approaching various international broadcast and digital delivery networks to secure a broadcast rights deal and three networks have already expressed serious interest.

As one network executive pointed out this is like "AMERICAN IDOL" meets BASKETBALL. You take a completely unknown team with unknown players and if they win the "UBL" championship game they will have fame and riches beyond theri wildest dreams. It makes for fantastic television. 

If you are a FAN of basketball and love to watch the game then FANS will also be rewarded by their support of "UBL" Cars, Trips, cash and more will be made available as prizes to "UBL" fans. 

"UBL" is a start up company that will be going public. Investors are expressing interest in "UBL" from as far away as Quatar.

This unique concept, copyrighted and trademarked by "UBL" is generating a huge response from potential "UBL" team owners and players so do not miss out. If you are a player, man or woman, between the ages of 15 - 25 and love to play the game, or if you are a potential "UBL" team owner in any State or Canadian Province or in any of the four countries in the Caribbean mentioned above, (Cost per team of $100,000), then please contact "UBL" before all the teams are taken. Then play for the biggest CASH prize ever offered in basketball.

If you are a television or digital broadcast entity and wish to secure various 'rights' tht are available then please contact "UBL"

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Los Angeles: July 24th 2017

Brian Bryant:


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