Los Angeles: July 22nd.2017

Universal Basketball League "UBL" has offered the richest CASH prize in basketball history!

$32,000,000 USD is up for grabs for teams from all across the USA, Canada, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Cuba. For high school players 15 years of age and up, who may not have the option of being able to play the game they love after graduating from high school, or have an opportunity to get a basketball scholarship, the "UBL" League is for you.

50% of all "UBL" 10 man teams have to be high school students. The winning team in the "UBL" League will win $10,000,000 USD! This will be shared between the tem owner who will take home a check for $5,000,000 and the players who will each take home a check for $500,000 USD. 

Fans of "UBL" will also have the opportunity to play for $2,000,000 USD ($1,000,000 for men and $1,000,000 for women) in the half time center court basketball "Shot of a Lifetime". Fans of "UBL" will also have hundreds of prizes, cars, trips, cash and many other items that they can win just by registering as a "UBL" Fan and watching the televised championship tournament. Fans will be able to register on the "UBL" web site (free) which is currently under construction and will be active shortly.

"UBL" caters to the 80 million passionate players in North America that love basketball, not the 2,000 or so 'elite' basketball players that make up the NCAA and the NBA. "UBL" is like "AMERICAN IDOL" MEETS BASKETBALL where some unknown team from the smallest town, village, or city, anywhere in America, Canada, Peurto Rico, Cuba, Haiti or Dominican Republic can win a huge cash prize and have fun at the same time.

Univrsal Basketball League is currently looking for a broadcast partner for the Championship games which will be an extremely entertaining event. The "UBL" is also having preliminary discussions with Fantasy Sports organizations, digital and mobile device content delivery systems and others to effect a world wide presence for the "UBL" league..

Since the initial announcement of the $32,000,000 USD CASH PRIZE, and the unique operational and organizational system that reduces, if not eliminates, high salaries and high travel expenses, the bane of most sports franchises, enquiries have come in from all over the world from potential partners who are now discussing international "Rights" for "UBL" to operate in their countries.

This opens up a huge international opportunity for "UBL" to look at a true international passionate basketball player league. If this does occur the prize will increase accordingly, making it the richest league in the world.

We welcome all enquiries about "UBL". We are immediately looking for 64 team owners in each of the 50 USA States and in each of the 10 Canadian Provinces. Teams can be owned by players, individuals, business's, or entrepreneurs. Ownership allows you to compete for the first prize of $10,000,000 USD CASH!

Team ownership costs only $100,000 and can be reserved for as little as $10,000 USD. Financing is available OAC. There are no travel costs associated with the team nor are there any high salaries. The funds from player registrations and team ownership are pooled to create the $32,000,000 dollar prize which has to be won. A team may cost $100,000 but the prize for the owner is $5,000,000 and for each player $500,000 USD.

If a group of 10 players buys a team and wins then each of them would walk away as team owners and players with $1,000,000 each!

For information please contact:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attention: Brian Bryant.

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