The new "UBL" (Universal Basketball League) has stunned the baskball world. The announcement of a $32,000,000 dollar CASH prize for the millions of young passionate basketball players, men and women, who love the game but do not play at an elite NCAA or NBA level has the baskeball world reeling!

"This is a superb master stroke," says Manuel Derf, Brazilian basketball entrepreneur. "Its about time that the 80 million basketball players in North America were looked after. It is the particpation of players and  fans of the game that makes the NCAA and the MBA successful but the MBA and the NCAA do not share any of the wealth with the fans that make it all happen. Now unknown players and fans have the first opportunity to participate in this fantastic opportunity. While the "UBL" is not currently operating in Brazil I want to be first in line to bring "UBL" here. We have some of the greatest young players on the planet."

Since the announcement of the stunning $32,000,000 CASH prize the "UBL" has been swamped with enquiries from Canada, the USA, Peurto Rico, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

"This is like an "AMERICAN IDOL" talent show meets BASKETBALL," said a spokeperson at "UBL" "We are taking unknown basketball players from 15 -25 years old and providing them with a platform to showcase their skills. Each USA State, each Canadian Province and the four Caribbean countries will have 64 teams who will all play 15 regular season games in their respective State, Province or Caribbean country. So there are no major travel expenses for the teams, and no major salaries. At the end of the season in each State, Province and Caribbean region will play a 64 team knockout tournament (like the NCAA March Madness event) to determine each State champion. There are 50 USA states, 10 Canadian Provinces and Four Caribbean countries which will provide 64 Champions from each area. These 64 teams will play for the $32,000,000 USD CASH prize in the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS tournament, which is like another 64 team NCAA knockout tournament to determine the overall "UBL" Champion and runers up who will all share in the CASH!"

All "UBL" fans who register with "UBL" and who support their local team on the way to fame and riches, will also share in the CASH. The "UBL" has a $2,000,000 prize for the registered fans who participate in the center court basketball shot. Each regular season game will have two center court shot opportunities with one male and one female FAN who are attending the game. All those who qualify by making the shot will have an all expenses paid trip  (for two) to the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS tournament  where they will play for the $2,000,000 prize money.

 "The FANS are important to us" Anothr "UBL" spokesperson said. In many respects they are as important as the players. In addition to the CASH prizes that the "UBL" offers the FANS there are many other prizes that are available to be won. Cars, trips, 50/50 draws and great FAN contests.   

"UBL" is now actively dealing with broadcast 'rights' offers for both standard television licensing and digital delivery. Its an extremely fast moving project that  is just making so much logical sense for everyone who loves the game of basketball.

If anyone wants to own a "UBL" Team, Play in the "UBL" league (both men and women) or has an interest in regsitering as a FAN then contact "UBL"

at the following address: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attention: Brian Bryant.



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