OCRTek’s New Premium Workout Gloves Prove That Attractive Can Also Be Effective

OCRTek’s New Premium Workout Gloves Prove That Attractive Can Also Be Effective

July 6th, 2017: OCRTek is announcing the launch of their new product, the Premium Workout Gloves. The exercise gear is the company’s third product launch and is another outgrowth of the company’s slogan – “Live to Overcome”. OCRTek serves those who strive to overcome whatever obstacles come their way and who look forward to the next challenge life may present. The gloves are constructed with high quality materials and designed with features that serve men or women who participate in CrossFit, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and weightlifting.

The Premium Workout Gloves consist of a full leather palm pad that is secured on the wrist with a 15” wrist wrap with double Velcro attachments and mini loops (finger holes) around each finger and thumb. It is intentionally designed to have only a minimal amount of material around the hand to maintain the most secure fit but without covering the hand any more than necessary. This open style design means the athlete will not have to deal with hot, sweaty hands. And the leather palm pad provides optimum grip and protection against the constant wear and tear of pull up bars, barbells, kettlebells, etc.

Many gym-goers are faced with blistered and calussed hands due to repeatedly pumping out high reps with pullups, muscle-ups, rope climbs, or other compound lifts. While other, more traditional, weight lifting gloves can certainly protect against blisters, OCRTek’s innovative design is built to be comfortable and have an unintrusive feel to the athlete such that they can continue to wear the gear throughout their routines, and not have to switch in and out of the gloves.  A spokesman for the company was quoted as saying, “When a CrossFitter is needing to grind out a high number of reps and is racing against the clock, the last thing they want to do is waste time getting in and out of protective gear. Our gloves feel good enough that some have told us they often forget they’re wearing them when they’re done.” And the neoprene material offers a stretchable comfort that conforms to the hand.

The Premium Workout Gloves minimalist design also makes for an attractive look. With the fingers inserted through the secure finger loops, the straps on the back of the hand have a kind of cross shape to them. The company has received positive feedback on the overall look compared to competitor designs.

OCRTek has created these model of workout gloves with the highest quality in mind. From the double stitched leather protective padding to the double Velcro secures on the wrist wrap, they appear to be built to withstand high and repetitive punishment. The company expects they will not attempt to compete on price against more budget-quality gym gloves. These gloves are intended to provide the best performing features with premium quality materials.

The OCRTek Premium Workout Gloves will, for now, be available in black on black and red on black colors and varying sizes. The workout apparel will soon be available on Amazon.com and is expected to be offered in the $25 - $35 price range. The Premium Workout Gloves are among several product launches that, according to OCRTek, have the dedicated athlete in mind. More information about the product itself and OCRTek can be found on their website at www.ocrtek.com

About OCRTek

OCRTek was started by a small group of sports and fitness enthusiasts. In keeping with their slogan – Live to Overcome – they strive to serve those who view life and its obstacles as a welcome challenge. They are providers of sports and outdoor specialty products designed for all levels, from beginners to the elite.

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