Sailing without Getting Sea Sick

Sailing without Getting Sea Sick

If you have planned your activities for your vacation in Costa Rica and one of those activities includes sailing know that sailing is a great way to view Costa Rica’s pristine coastline, see the beautiful beaches and green jungles as well as make your way to the best diving and snorkeling locations on the open waters. The last thing anyone wants is to get sea sick while on a beautiful catamaran sailing tour. Another term used for the word seasickness is mal de mer. This article will discuss sea sickness and the remedies one can use to prevent as well as treat sea sickness.

Experts say that “sea sickness is hardly fatal but with symptoms such as nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting it can definitely put a damper on your cruise fun”. It is believed that motion sickness is caused by the “visual disorientation as a result of being on an object in motion which is competing against your body’s natural inclination for balance”. According to medical professionals, sea sickness is more prevalent in children and women. On the other hand, children under two seem to be immune to the ailment. Of equally interesting note, elderly people are less susceptible to it. If you are more susceptible to sea sickness and are generally concerned that you might develop symptoms it is best to arm yourself with preventative measures. That is, considering that it is said: ‘prevention is better than cure’!

Drug remedies - one of the most widely recommended remedies for sea sickness is Transderm Scop which is a patch you put behind your ear at least eight hours before you go for Costa Rica sailing. This is effective for up to three days at sea. It is available by prescription and is a preventative and not a form of treatment. However, it has side effects like blurry vision and drowsiness.  Over-the-counter drugs that treat sea sickness includes Dramamine, Benadryl and Bonine. It must be noted that the side effects of taking Bonine and Benadryl are drowsiness which can be made worse with the intake of alcohol.

Drunk free remedies - there are a number of other options available other than drugs. One is the Sea-Band wristband which must be worn the minute you embark. It is an ‘acupressure inspired’ wristband and has a small plastic bead that presses against the Nei-Kuan pressure point which is located on the palm side of the wrist. These are available without prescription at major drug stores. Others state that the use of ginger can be helpful which can be taken in any form including powder, tea, pill and candy. Studies show that ginger alleviate nausea associated with motion sickness. Other people swear by green apples as they say that green apples help with nausea. To help acclimatize you with the sailboat a blogger advises that you spend as much time on deck using the horizon as a point to maintain equilibrium.

Once you have able to handle how not to be sea sick enjoy sailing in Costa Rica and get a chance to visit the beautiful Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica.

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