1. What's Your Name?

Courvoisier Dingle

2. I Love Your Name Courvoisier Its Unique It Stands Out Very Well, How Old Are You?
LOL, I'm 17

3. Where Are You From?
I Was Born and Raised In Atlanta, Georgia

4. What's Your GPA?

5. Which Graduation Class Are You?

6. Where Do You Go School?
Currently, I Attend DM Therrell High School

7. What Type of Student Are You At DM Therrell High School?
I am an  Honor Student, I Play Football, Wrestle, And I Run Track

9. So What Position Do You Play? I've Been Seeing And Hearing A Lot About You, One Of My Clients Showed Me Your Hudl Highlights When I Was In Los Angeles   & I See You're  A Very Talented Football Player, So Is Football that Sport For You?  Thank You Very Much,
Yes, My Primary Sport Is Football, But My Position Varies Because I'm An Athlete, Which Means I Can Play Every Position On The Football Field, I Can't Limit Myself To One Position

10. How Long Have You Played Football?
I've been playing Football Since The Age Of Four When My Dad Was My Coaching Me At The YMCA In Lawton Oklahoma Where I made My First Touch Down
And I've Had A Passion For The Game Ever Since, Just Thinking Back On Those Days, I Got A Football Every Year For Christmas

11. Are Your Parents Big Supporters? Yes, They Are, My Mom Always Pushing That Grades Come First, Right Now If You Go To Any Of My Games You Will See My Mom Sitting On The Bleachers In Front Of The 50 Yard Line, All I Have To Do Is Look Up And My Dad Helped Coached Me When I Was 10-12 Years Old When I Played For Them "Collier Park Steelers" In Atlanta He Was Helping My Head Coach Mark And Coach Fruit Out, I Remembering

12. What Are Some Good Memories Playing Youth Football At Collier Park?
 I Remembering Coach Mark And Coach Fruit Took All Of Us To Chattanooga, Tennessee For The 'Turkey Bowl' Tournament And We Ended Up Winning The 13th Cho-Cho Bowl In 2011 With My Steelers, Those Days Made Me A Warrior

13. Do You Have Any Offers from Any Schools?
Right Now I Have 0 Offers, 0 Stars, And I'm Unranked, But Many Schools Show Interest. Patience Is the Key

12. I saw that you  Tweeted On Twitter Thanking Cam Newton 7v7 For Giving You A Chance, So You Tried Out For The Team?
As of Now I Am A Rising Senior, And I Play For The Blue Team On The Cam Newton Foundation 7v7 All Star squads

13. Congrats on Your Achievement, Are You Having Fun?
Thank You, Yes I'm having Fun While Learning From Coaching Staff, This Is A Great Program Where I Am Able To Travel And Showcase My Talent All Around The United States, On March 18, 2017, We Had Our First Tournament At "Lake Point Sporting Community" in Emerson Ga. We Won, the YPL) Youth Passing League 7v7 Tournament And Both Of Our Teams Were Undefeated. Pay Attention toTEAM BLACK And TEAM BLUE We Are The Truth

15. What's Your Twitter, Instagram And Your YouTube Info So I Can Spread The Word About You?
Twitter: 1Dream_2Love
Instagram: 1Dream.2Love
YouTube: Courvoisier Dingle

16. I Know This is a Touchy Subject, Your Grandma Has Recently Departed And I'm So Sorry To Hear About That, How Are You Doing?   
Thank You! I'm Doing Good, But I Could Be Doing Better. The Pain Is Still Unbearable, I'm Just Lost For Words Right Now, But I Just Know Every Time I Play A Game I WILL Dedicate My Game To Her Because I Know She's Down Spreading Her Blessings And Watching Over Me. As Of Now, I Am Going Hard For Her, And She Is My Inspiration! I Truly, Miss Her And I Won't Let Her Down. {REST IN HEAVEN} CO PASTOR HILDA G. DAVIS 1-7-56 - 1-2-17 ***I LOVE YOU GRANNY***

Courvoisier Dingle [Hudl]

Courvoisier Dingle "Cam Newton Foundation" JPL 7v7 Tournament Champion's

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