Launch of Kick Starter Project - Shower in Public in a Shower Toga!

Launch of Kick Starter Project - Shower in Public in a Shower Toga!

North Atlanta, GA, May 2017 – Would you be willing to shower in public? Is it possible to shower in public with privacy? Do you want to change clothes in public after a shower? Even though most people will dismiss the very thought as absurd and impossible, the surprising part is that it is possible.

The patent pending “Shower Toga” is a simple solution that makes the impossible completely possible. The company had tested many prototypes and had finally come up with a version that is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. It is versatile and easy to use. The product is useful for many applications including fitness, running, mud runs, soccer, cycling, surfing, hiking, obstacle course racing and other different types of activities.

One of the important things to remember is that this is unlike the regular big sized towel that most people use when having a public shower. The regular towels don’t provide much in the way of privacy and can cause embarrassment if they come off. The Shower Toga saves people the embarrassment of changing in public by enabling them to do so in complete privacy.

Anytime you are active outside and get sweaty or get dirty due to fitness activities with family and friends, you long to get fresh and clean again. Shower Toga helps with personal hygiene. Most people wait until they have arrived home to wash and shower. This can be bad for heath as the germs from sweat and dirt can accumulate on the skin and cause health problems.

It is never convenient after a mud run or a soccer game to go all the way home, get a shower and then go back again to enjoying things with family and friends. A public shower is the most convenient way to get fresh and clean immediately after strenuous physical activity. The Shower Toga helps in getting clean and putting on fresh clothes even in a public place. Rinse off mud, chlorine from water parks, mud runs and dust from different physical activities in complete privacy.

Men, women and children can all use the product to take a quick shower and get absolutely clean. This enables spending time with family and friends so easy, without having to go through the trouble of going all the way back home to get clean. This actually saves a lot of time and effort.

The Shower Toga has many cool features like a front pocket. This can be used to keep shampoo, soap and other shower accessories. The top edge cord locks and bottom edge lock on the product can be used for different purposes. The top edge cord locks can be used to draw the cord tight around the body. Women can use it to draw tight behind the neck.

The bottom edge lock turns the Shower Toga into a carry bag. This can be used to carry dirty clothes, shoes and other items easily. The carry bag helps keep the dirty clothes in one place without them messing your vehicle.

Active families can carry the Shower Toga along with them wherever they want and it will provide them a lot of convenience. Taking a shower and changing clothes in public has never been more convenient.

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