Indiana Veteran returns home with a booming business, and intentions to expand the hemp industry in Indiana



Austin Rhodus



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Indianapolis, IN, 12/24/16 - Indiana raised veteran returns home after years onboard a nuclear submarine, bringing a business within a booming Hemp Industry back to his home state. His company is not only influencing the market with innovative products first to market, but also working at the state level to bring structure to an emerging industry, all before the age of 30.


Austin Rhodus, 27, kokomo raised Navy Veteran knows all about hardwork, in and out of the military. Austin Rhodus and Kyle Watanabe founded CBDREEM, a patent pending CBD Syrup in March of 2015, and have since expanded into DREEM CBD, a company continuing to disrupt the hemp market with first to shelf products and heavy hitter partnerships. Austin and his team are currently meeting with state representatives to address hurdles within the hemp industry, and to create structure for an industry still in it’s infancy.


DREEM CBD has taken years to formulate effective products and strategic partnerships to release high quality phytocannabinoid and core vitamin products to the athletic market. A majority of the products contain 100% legal CBD, grown under the Farm Bill Act of 2014. CBD, unlike THC does not produce a “high” and is one of more than 60 compounds in cannabis classified as a “cannabinoid”. The DREEM CBD line is focused on helping activate peak performance by the goal of enhanced recovery, maintenance and overall performance.


“We spent the majority of 2016 working on internal structure, developing strategic partnerships, and compiling research that all focused on the athletic market. With athletes looking to naturally enhance their performance; our goal is to combine our research and knowledge of Cannabidiol, and introduce products to the market that help activate peak performance.” The DREEM Product line will include CBD and B12 Transdermal Patches, CBD/MCT Oil, CBD Gel Caps and a new and improved CBD recovery syrup. The full new product line is set to launch January 1st, 2017 at For more information contact Austin Rhodus 808-469-2529.


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