Endurance Pro’s Amazing Promotions and Great Discounts for VIP Customers Are Now On

Endurance Pro’s Amazing Promotions and Great Discounts for VIP Customers Are Now OnEndurance Pro’s Amazing Promotions and Great Discounts for VIP Customers Are Now On

As per a previous announcement made by Endurance Pro, the company’s offer of great discounts for its footwork ladder is now live. This promotion is part of the company’s celebration for this holiday season and part of the company’s Cyber Monday deal. Endurance Pro wanted to share its success with all of its customers who have supported the company over the years. This promotion brings a lot of excitement to all the company staff and employees as well as customers. A lot of people have already expressed their interest to the said promotion and promised to take part. This is a great day for everybody.

Specifically, the company is offering a best value discount price at 30% off for every purchase of Endurance Pro’s Speed and Agility Ladder. This is amazing as instead of purchasing the speed and agility ladder at the normal retail price of $27.87, the valued customers can purchase it by paying just $19.50. This item from Endurance Pro makes one of the best Christmas gifts for kids. Christmas is not that far, so you might consider the speed and agility ladder as a Christmas present for your family. Think of the fun it can provide as well as the smile on your face and theirs.

The promo is extended to customers who are included on the company’s VIP list. To take part in this special promo is very simple; customers will simply reply to the company’s email sent to them stating their interest in the offer. After the company receives the replies, the company will send to them a unique discount code that they will use in purchasing the product easily and directly from Amazon. The discount code is personalized so that only one person can use it. Amazing isn’t it? The only downside about his offer is that the quantity of products offered is limited, thus, one should make his purchase as soon as possible to make a reservation before the limited discounted stock runs out.

Those who are not yet members of the VIP list, you can join the list right now to receive all the discounts that will be offered before Christmas. At the same time, you can download the free eBook on how to maximize the use of your Speed and Agility Ladder with the Ladder Drills book. Simply CLICK HERE and enter in your details and follow the simple instructions.

Endurance Pro is looking forward to serving their customers with these great discounts.


Endurance Pro is a manufacturer of a superior agility ladder and sports products. The products exist to help fulfill a customer’s dreams in order to reach great fitness and be performing at the best possible level and standing out from the crowd.


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