Just Active Releases its Brand New Wireless Headphones for Runners

Just Active, the health, fitness and technology brand has developed the state of the art wireless earbuds specifically for runners and active users.  This product has just been released on Amazon and is being offered at enticing promotional discounts for a limited time.

The Just Active earbuds are designed to be lightweight and super comfortable, provide incredible sound quality and once secured in the ear to stay there.  In fact the earbuds come guaranteed by Just Active, who say that once secured in the ear they will never fall out no matter how intense the workout.  Just Active aims to provide the perfect set of headphones whether working out in the gym, going running or cycling or doing some exercise and weights at home.

The earbuds use specially designed T-light 2 horn shaped earpieces, which serve a dual function.  Firstly, they secure the earbuds in the ear so it’s almost impossible for them to fall out no matter how rigorous the exercise unless they are intentionally pulled out.  Secondly they distribute pressure evening across the ear to provide additional comfort allowing the earpiece to be worn for extended periods without the pain that can be experienced when using most other headphones.  Just Active provides three different sized silicon T-light 2 earpieces, which will fit ears of all sizes including small ears.

This earbuds are essentially suitable for all users and not just active uses.  These earbuds can be used whilst working at a desk, travelling, doing work around the house etc.  Just Active also provides a built in microphone and 4K ultra clear calls, so the earbuds are well suited to hands free talking on the phone.  The earbuds use 6th generation CVC noise reduction, effectively reducing surrounding noise and provide echo cancellation enabling even clearer calls.  They are easily connected to any Bluetooth enabled device.

Anna Bolt, of Just Active Customer Experience, explains; “our customers have been looking for the perfect set of wireless headphones to use while they workout and we believe we have delivered this by providing a product of premium build, comparable to other high end brands but at an extremely reasonable price.  It is lightweight, durable and importantly provides an immersive listening experience through true quality sound.  Also many earbuds have controls on the actual earpieces but your comfort is affected as you play around with the buttons.  We have instead provided a really simple control below the earpiece, which can be easily and quickly adjusted without dislodging the earpiece.  Our earbuds are small, have a really cool design and are available in a number of colors colors including pink, blue and grey.  My advice; get your earbuds now as we are offering fantastic discounts on Amazon.”

Pricing and availability

Just Active wireless earbuds are currently available at 50% of the $89.99list price exclusively at Amazon US via https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J2AOCR0 .Future stock available in retail stores in Middle East and Amazon UK.

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