Introducing MEO – The Ultimate Events Organiser For Sports Fans

Introducing MEO  – The Ultimate Events Organiser For Sports Fans


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My Events Organiser takes the hassle out of remembering major dates and events

Adelaide, Australia – My Events Organiser P/L is excited to announce the launch of My Events Organiser (MEO) – a new iOS and Android calendar app designed to keep sports fans organised.

Available now for all compatible iOS and Android devices, My Events Organiser takes the hassle out of planning life around the sporting calendar and more. Whether it be major sports, school terms, public holidays, or any other event or date of significance – MEO ensures you're never double booked on the dates that matter.

MEO comes packaged with a diverse range of events to automatically add to a users electronic diary/Calendar. Want to track the fixtures of a favourite sports team, league, or cup? Want to ensure availability when the kids are off school? Just tell MEO.

MEO – The Personalised Calendar Assistant

MEO is personalised for every user. The intuitive app automatically enters every important date into a user's calendar from their selection of major sporting fixtures, public holidays and more. When users try to schedule a social event on an important date, MEO instantly warns them that they already have plans.

No more accidentally making plans on the same date as the big final and needing to think of excuses the day before!

MEO is designed and produced for a worldwide audience and comes bundled with a wide variety of international events. These events, including key dates from various major sports, can be organised into categories, merged with a user’s day-to-day diary and even set up as a “Shared Calendar”, which lets others view and download the important dates as well.

Users can also use MEO to display their dates in a simple list format and arrange reminder pop-up's to ensure they are never forgotten.

“MEO is the ultimate tool for sports fans and the generally disorganised,” says co-founder Greg Troughton, “As big sports fans, we used to spend ages putting major dates into our calendars and trying to plan life around them”

“MEO is our hassle-free solution to getting organised and having fun. It's your personal assistant that ensures you never miss a kick, swing, or hit!”

MEO is a completely free app for 6 months and available now from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Google Play:

Interested users can learn more about MEO and contact the developers at the official site:


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