Path of Exile 3.1 Ranger Shaper and Uber Atziri Guide

Path of Exile 3.1 Ranger Shaper and Uber Atziri Guide

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Ok, get to the point, I am going to show you some tips for your Shaper and Uber Atziri levelling when you are creating your own Ranger build.

I'll touch briefly on Chimera since I see many people still battling with this particular boss. You do not play cleaning mobs. Stand it right bottom and clean the mobs (such as the boss) because they spawn. Then proceed to top gate. Between your spawning phases, you need to clean bot right and top gate. Leave all left side for that finish. If you are likely to play all the monsters will begin chasing only you can get rekt.


The shaper is general super easy to kill using the DPS we've. Just be sure you always evade his Balls, and Slam - it'll one shot you (unless of course dodge triggers). The laser is fairly deadly too but we are able to survive ~1-1,5 sec.

During bullet hell phase you have to place where he stops and blink there as soon as possible, from the center while he will immediately attack the Center. This is when I usually activate Vaal elegance and haste while he will more often than not attack you (usually with a laser) so you've guaranteed time for you to get DPS on him. Vaal Elegance can help you survive if you are hit by a stranded bullet whenever you blink.

The 3rd phase is often the hardest because Shaper summons a clone. If you are uncomfortable with stutter walking and dodging all of the attacks best factor would be to just dodge everything without attempting to dps - the clone will desummon after around 15 sec or during Bullet Hell phase.

Yet another factor you should know is how you can get rid of the Unshaped (second banishment boss). The very first banishment boss - The Uncreated - is extremely easy, jump on the top of him and dps him lower. He can't kill you with projectile / melee attacks. Just dodge his billed up Super-Slam (which will kill you). The Unshaped (2n phase) includes a new attack where he spams multiple bullets around. Which Will kill you if you are in melee range? So only Point Blank attack him once the attack ends (lasts around 4 seconds).


Uber Atziri is for me the toughest boss hanging around undoubtedly, however, it will get much simpler when you are aware the way the mechanics work.

To begin with, the mobs within the zone are Magic & Rare and also the melee mobs have an elemental resistance which means you will not just 1 shot them. Create melee range them, they hit for much too. If you are uncomfortable with playing around dodging stuff you can easily spend some time and obvious them gradually.

The first boss you will come across would be the Vaal Twins. Generally, they are pretty easy before you kill one of these. Then your other will get pissed off and essentially all his attacks become very deadly. What for you to do here is to buy one of these to ~ 20%, get rid of the other after which finish the first.

The second boss may be the hardest within the whole zone - The Trio. In this fight I love to use Vessel of Vinktar flask for added Existence Leech against all of the damage with time they are doing - consider getting that, it's important. Initially, you wish to activate all your flasks and Vaal skills, begin and As soon as possible get rid of the ranged one (A'alai). She will not move whatsoever and her ranged attacks hurt a great deal too so she's to visit first. She dies in 1-2 seconds if you have enough time kill Y'ara'az too. Whether it becomes hairy just try to escape and begin dodging - individuals 2 you are able to dodge endlessly. the second one you have to kill is Y'ara'az. He's elemental reflect that will get buffed a great deal if he's overlooked like a 4g iphone - for this reason, he needs to go second. Dodge both of them and barrage. As he dies complete Quran. Just beware his cleave applies lots of bleeds and that he could be pretty sudden and fast with cyclone - aside from this, he's EZ.

Since you have wiped out these you are able to proceed to Atziri's chamber. Atziri herself is not way too hard to handle. Using the DPS we've each phase lasts around 1-2 seconds. The way you do here is that you simply enter her face and dps her lower before she is capable of doing anything. Throughout the Clone, phase stay bottom right. They'll always cast a flame blast on the top individuals (which will kill you) so you have to dodge might blink left side. When the reflect Clone is around the left (the main one using the mirror) blink to top right rather. We do not have to pierce on barrage so you don't have to be worried about striking the Mirror Clone with barrage. 

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