Path of Exile 3.1 - Absinthe Scavenger Witch Leveling Guide

Path of Exile 3.1 - Absinthe Scavenger Witch Leveling Guide

Path of Exile Gems is indexed by order worth focusing on. Don't use chromatic to roll socket colour before act 7 only use whatever colour on gear and then try to easily fit in gems indicated here.

Lv 1-12:

Primary spell: Freezing Pulse - LMP (Lesser Multiple Projectile) - Arcane Surge - (added lightning damage) [four link is unnecessary]

Secondary: Orb of Storm - Elemental Proliferation

Totem: Spell totem - every other spell you've (raise zombie/ summon skeleton might be nice as meat shield)

Gear suggestion: dual wield wands (or wands + spirit shield), get movement speed on boots, socket abyssal gems that add flat elemental harm to spell into stygian vice for those who have any.

act 1 after killing Brutus

Primary spell: Volatile Dead - Arcane Surge - Opportunity to ignite - (added cold/lightning damage)

Secondary: Orb of Storm - Elemental Proliferation - Added Lightning Damage

Totem: Unearth - LMP - Spell Totem , Searing bond can also be nice to possess

Movement: Flame Dash (Should have, require it at Act2 to leap over damaged pathways)

Support: Clearness (don't level it)

Gear suggestion will get some cold resist prior to the boss. Get Storm barrier and wither and set them in to the free socket (get 6 free sockets out of your backup weapon slots) to achieve experience.

act 2

Update Primary spell: Volatile Dead - Arcane Surge - Elemental Focus/Storm Barrier - (Concentrated effect - Controlled Destruction)

Secondary: Orb of Storm - Power Charge on Crit - (Elemental Proliferation - Added Lightning Damage)

Corpse: Desecrate - Spell Cascade (Self-cast)

Not mandatory for those who have to unearth totem already keep desecrate at low-level (or don't lv it whatsoever)

Defense: Arctic Armour (Nice to possess)

Offence: Herald of Thunder (Nah to usher in of ice because it destroys our precious corpses)

Gear suggestion: Take gear with 3 or even more sockets from drops. Use low-tier essence to prepare. Don't spend over our limits currency.

Abyssal Jewel: Life > Resist > Flat harm to spell > Spell/Fire damage > Energy Shield

act 3

Add cremation setup: Cremation - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction

Blasphemy: Your decision if you are using warlord?ˉs mark curse aura (arrange your mana reservation)

Aura: Anger (Nice to possess although not mandatory, and arrange your mana reservation)

Gear suggestion: Upgrade gear with two or more links from drops. Use low-tier essence to prepare. Don't spend over our limits currency. Cap lightning resist before Dominos.

Abyssal Jewel: Life > Resist > Flat harm to spell > Spell/Fire damage > Energy Shield

act 4

Chaos Golem (Or any other golems you want)

CWDT: Cast When Damage Taken (lv2) - Frost wall (lv 8) - Desecrate

Unearth: Unearth - GMP (Greater Multiple Projectile) - Spell Totem

Orb of Storm: Orb of Storm - Power Charge on Crit - Curse of Hit - Curse of your liking

Gear suggestion: Apply certain currency to purchase good Life/resist/es gear on Low-level item cost less to purchase rather than craft yourself. Change your flask.

Abyssal Jewel: Life > Resist > Flat harm to spell = Crit multi > Spell/Fire damage > Energy Shield

act 5

Grab around life you are able to, and you may sacrifice some damage for this. No skill jewel update. Do normal lab before Kitava fight.

Caution: There is an insect concerning unearth while fighting Kitava. Unearth shoots at Kitava, dealing normal damage but does not generate any corpse. I don't know whether GGG has fixed this or otherwise. You are able to self-cast desecrate anyway.

act 6

Cap resist and purchase all gems that you simply don't have from Lily. Cap Cold resist before Brine King. You may also be missing dex to any extent further. Make sure to get dex on amulet and rings.

act 7

Buy all core unique from with the proper color link and ideally good rolls.

Primary skill: Wither - Cwc - Volatile Dead - Elemental Focus - Vile contaminant (4 link on embalmer)

Cremation: Cremation - Ele Focus - Controlled Destruction - Vile contaminant

Orb of Storm: Orb of storm - power charge on crit - curse on hit - curse of your liking

Movement: Whirling blade - faster attack - fortify

You have to equip a minimum of two consuming dark before switching to wither cwc setup. Otherwise, stick with that old self-cast setup. Unlike self-cast version, cwc version doesn't need you to definitely target corpse. You can target elsewhere and volatile dead will auto-target a close corpse while you hover around.

Gear suggestion: Make use of all your saved currency on pointed out gear. The build reaches its temporal acumen if you have 2 consuming dark, infernal mantel and embalmer mitts. Enjoy!

Caution: The Arakaali fight has got the same issue as Kitava's. So make sure to grab Desecrate.

act 8-10

No real progression. Just prepare and try to cap resist. Keep in mind that sacrificing life/defense for damage isn't wise for now because you have previously abundant of these from tree and uniques. Getting Mother along with a decent life/es pool, you ought to be deathless during each one of these chapters having a rather good clean speed.


Change to six-curse setup whenever you enter maps. Get 6 curses of your liking and purchase Doedre's skin from I'd suggest to socket a minimum of 2 defensive curses in to the chest. When it comes to dps, the 3 best curses are assassin's mark, despair and temporal chain.

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