Mu Legend Faction War update coming on the 9th of January

Mu Legend Faction War update coming on the 9th of January

Given that Mu legend has not too long ago introduced the 3v3 PvP update to MU Legend, we now want to talk about our new update coming on the 9th of January: Faction War.

In case you watched the G-STAR videos just before the OBT Launch, you should be familiar with the basics of the domain and tournament system. For all those of you who did not watch them, or are fuzzy around the specifics, I prepared some images to assist you to understand what it is.

On the Faction War map, a hexagonal tile represents a territory.
There are a large variety of territories on the map, to prevent a handful of guilds from monopolizing them all.
Not all territories would be similar.
Territories have grades. A region using a higher degree rewards the occupant with preferred positive aspects, but it is much more difficult to occupy and preserve: you will face a lot more powerful opponents in fierce battles.
If your guild does not have enough members or is not secure sufficiently, it'd be a far better technique to go into territories with reducing grades.
Every guild applies for any tournament for the territory they would like to occupy. In the event the guild survives the preliminary rounds, they're able to fight for manage over the area inside the final match.
From the beginning suitable to the final match, all guild members really should perform together under very carefully coordinated techniques.
The option on the tournament format shows the path from the new content. It can be developed to become accessible to as lots of players as possible.
By participating in each round from the tournament, players are going to be in a position to experience this new function from their respective positions.
As the Faction War presents many territories to conquer and draws a large number of guilds to every single tournament, ultimately a vast amount of guilds might be participating in the Faction War.
The Faction War rewards players just for participating in it. It is like a giant festival for all players and guilds!
Now, in conclusion, I'd like to show you a screenshot from the Guild Harbor, in case you haven't currently explored this a part of the map. The harbor might be the Key venue for the Faction War and even additional content, that will be released at a later stage.

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