Government of Biafra Irreversibly Recognizes Catalan Independence from Spain

Government of Biafra Irreversibly Recognizes Catalan Independence from Spain

The Government of Biafra acknowledges the Catalonia Referendum and diplomatically recognizes the Independent Republic of Catalonia as a Sovereign State. The Government hereby publicly calls for an immediate diplomatic dialogue between the two sovereign nations. The authorities also make it clear that any kinds of acts of aggression by the Spanish Government against the unarmed Catalan citizens will be decisively referred to the ICJ or International Court of Justice.

It was several decades of suppression and aggression that Catalonia experienced under the autonomy of Spanish Constitution. This culminated in the separatists surge towards their independence which was officially declared on October 27 earlier this year. The legal power is now transferred from Spain and Catalonia has now become an independent republic from a constitutional monarchy. Catalonia is now free from the Spanish Constitution.

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About Biafran Government and Support for the New Catalonian Republic

The State Counsellor of Biafraland extends full support for the New Catalonia Republic and suggests that if the European Union hesitates in assisting the new republic in joining them, Catalonia can join Israel to join the African Union. Africa is now the fastest growing continent and it is going to be a huge opportunity to collaborate with this prosperous continent. The country extends their support and expresses gratitude towards Catalonia for having hosted thousands of African Economic Migrants hospitably over the past few decades.



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