Bridgeport, Connecticut – Dave Walker is running a record-setting campaign in the race to hire Connecticut’s next CEO/Governor.  Michael J. Knight, Treasurer said “After a record breaking quarter that ended on 9/30, in total the campaign raised over $194,000 (not $164,000 as being reported by some media), and we know this increasing momentum will only grow stronger.” Official, declared candidates for Governor of Connecticut who are participating to qualify for the Citizen’s Election Grant can accept a maximum donation of $100.00 per person. Dave’s contributions were up over 160% this quarter, and are continuing to rise weekly.

Importantly, the Dave Walker for Governor campaign not only raisedsignificantly more in the second reporting quarter than the first, they set a record for the largest single GOP fundraiser in September 2017.

It is clear that many Connecticut citizens are realizing that their state desperately needs a proven, trustworthy and responsible leader.  They do not want to hire someone who will be learning on the job! They are quickly discovering that Dave Walker is the best choice for their next Governor, and they are supporting him with their time and donations. As the Weekly Standard stated recently in a feature article about Dave, when he wasthe Comptroller General for the Government Accountability Office, he came “with a charge to transform the agency, to turn it around and lead by example, and he did that. The agency was streamlined, more efficient and sprawl was smaller by a third when he left”.  He can, and will, lead Connecticut with the same dedicated efficiency he has shown in the past 40 years of service.

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Dave Walker, a Republican candidate for Governor of Connecticut, has over 40 years of award-winning leadership experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. As a former practicing CPA, a strategic advisor to top government officials, and the immediate former Comptroller General of the United States, he is the only candidate that has proven government transformation and financial restructuring experience in TURNING AROUND large and complex governmental entities.



The Right Person, with the Right Background, at the Right Time.

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