Former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers Directly Involved with Egregious Abuse of Police Resources Targeting Daughter Alexandra’s Now Former Romantic Partner

Former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers made a provably false report to police that his daughter Alexandra’s former romantic partner was parked outside of his house which in and of itself isn't even illegal. This individual could prove that he wasn't at the location John Rogers stated to police and there were others who could corroborate that this didn't make any sense. Even when this individual was dating and in direct contact with John Rogers daughter when he was going to their house to pick her up or hang out, he almost never parked where John claimed he had been parked. Its a very busy street. Further it isn't even a crime to park on the side of a road which is a public space. Whitefish Bay Police harassed Alexandra’s now former partner and family. Whitefish Bay Police showed up at their home. They stated that he was banned from driving a major road in the Milwaukee area, Lake Drive.


This individual, having previously potentially worked with law enforcement in various capacities including to improve access to resources as well as safety of law enforcement, noted to law enforcement that what was alleged wasn’t a crime, that what was alleged to police by John Rogers was provably false, that given the standard operating procedures for a former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense and John’s own security systems he would almost certainly know that what he alleged to police was factually false, that lying to police is illegal and that its unlawful for local law enforcement to try to ban somebody from a major road, especially based on documentably false allegations from an uncredible source who is likely provably committing a serious civilian criminal offense by making a false report to police as well as likely egregiously violating the Universal Code of Military Justice.


Whitefish Bay Police then admitted that they didn’t have the authority to ban him from Lake Drive and that he wasn’t actually banned.


This situation is outrageous and should be terrifying to anybody. Please contact your representatives to demand formal inquiry and justice for these abuses of police and other resources.

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