CEO of Existential Investment Management Corp, Kevin Roebber, Issues New Brief Regarding Improving Resources and Compensation for Military Service Members


CEO of Existential Investment Management Kevin Roebber is 25 years old. He’s often provided front page content for a top 10 global website under a pseudonym and has a historical track record of independently documented insight above most bulge bracket ranked analysts and many funds so far for years modestly. When he makes public comment historically somewhat often there is an immediate correlation with $1bil+ of value creation. He’s received correspondence from and contributed to high level decision makers in several contexts so far. He’s received correspondence from multiple Presidents regarding his research. Via Existential Investment Management Corp he primarily does bespoke private financial consulting with performance based compensation which is designed to offer value inherently to clients as opposed to many other fee structures in the marketplace. He’s also working on an open source economic initiative that will potentially improve the economy, improve quality of life and save lives considerably.


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