TIFFANY JENKS MURDER COVERUP – What is the truth behind the story?

On October the 8th 2013 Tiffany Jenks was killed in Fairview Oregon. She had a prominent role as a hydrologist with the Bonneville Power Administrationrunning 21 dams along The Columbia River. Because of this and the fact that she got involved in Insider Trading people speculate there was foul play which runs as deep as the DA, Police Department the Judge and even her own family.

“People are going to die”, Tiffany would say to her boyfriend, John S Captain and FOUR days later she was found DEAD with a bullet in her brain at Blue Lake Park off Marine Drive in Fairview, OR.

The three suspects (Daniel Bruynell, Michelle Karine, and Joshua Robinett) were questioned and two of them received up to 13-months jail-time, getting off easy for these crimes. But even though one of them may have pulled the trigger, they only knew her for 19-minutes when they strolled off that night for a drive. Were they hired based off ofa more sinister plot? Many would claim so.

For the preceding few days prior to her murder, Tiffany had been recording all of her deepest most intimate conversations including with her therapist. WHY? She was afraid of something. She taped where Joshua Robinett said he needed to buy a new handgun and her therapist doing a  taptap” mind control routine saying “it would not be a good thing if you knew who you were”. Why would a Therapist say such a thing?

It is highly probable that Tiffany Jenks was born into a program of mind control called “MK Ultra”. It is a form of mind control the government has used for centuries in their puppets for The Illuminati. See even Tiffany’s family appears to be hiding something since its believed to be that they knew Josh and did not tell police.

In a transcript from the police department (available upon request), the killer who apparently pulled the trigger, Daniel Bruynell was questioned and he told police it seemed as if the whole thing was planned from the start. As if he was set up to pull the trigger. They all just met THAT NIGHT! That’s some powerful mind control for somebody you just met to get you to do something you hadn’t planned on doing just 19 minutes prior.

Her boyfriend, John S Captain says these CHILLING words, “The bottom line Tiffany Jenks was set up to die”.

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