How art the mighty fallen? Tell it not in the streets of bright young minds and the elder ones who have seen and experienced the reality behind the word God Bless America. Who wants to stand up to see a change in the failed system which has brought nothing to us but tensions, strife and the freewill for the world of treason to prevail in our great America. How long shall we continue? And fold our hands, expecting a revolution that requires our unending contribution, agreement and commitment towards realizing this great vision.

One would ask, what then is the vision? To Make America the great nation known to be; fighting away the ones who think they can take away our rights, serve as a threat to our own national security, with high crimes and demeanors at their dispense, we bold to stand to fix America!

Then what is the plan? 80% of Americans have agreed that the congress is broken with no solution from the major parties and we want to elect a brand-new congress- www.brandnewcongress.org . Most people have no idea that their values align with a completely different political party and now is the time for the visualization of the idea. The fiery fist of the corporate controlled Democratic and Republican parties has pushed a narrative injunction that they are the only important groups in the entire country and there has to be a shift in the paradigm; a rescue mission from this new age slavery. The Constitution of the United States, Article 2; Section. 4, provides that the president, vice-president, and civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of treason, bribery, and/or other high crimes and misdemeanors; and there is a way to do this. We want to recruit and run more than 400 outstanding candidates in a single, unified, national campaign for Congress in 2018- http://politicalchange.yolasite.com . Progressive, Green Party, Libertarian, and Independents together. Huge, right?

In one accord, they will pass an aggressive and practical plan to significantly increase wages, remove the influence of big money from our government, save us from the impending disasters of this broken congress, give back to us our freedom, put smiles on our face, protect the rights of all Americans and make our country great again.  Where is our national security? Where is the prestige, honor and reputation of the number one citizen in the world? It could be far worse if we don’t take a stand to fix it now.

The knowledge is spreading, the revolution has been envisioned and results have been observed even in the gradual decline in the amount of people the Democratic parties lost to the emergence of the other parties said to be minority they have less ability to suppress. Things can no longer remain the way it used to be and we are not going to keep our eyes steadfast without acting. We owe the next generation our commitment and contribution to the realization of this great call if we don’t act. It is no longer about distance, but most important how passionate you are towards this; many people across the country can now easily register to vote online-

http://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote . It’s our stand to fix America; vote early!!

Mr. Quinton D. Crawford   
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