Email Leak: Secret Sex Scandal Behind Trump, Comey, And Flynn Scandals

Email Leak: Secret Sex Scandal Behind Trump, Comey, And Flynn Scandals

FBI Email And Voicemail Leak Devastate James Comey Claims Against President Trump

Jerome Almon-Las Vegas-June 9, 2017

When Americans and the world review voicemails and emails on the new media site found at they  will  realize that they have been had like a Bernie Madoff investor.  The stunning FBI voicemail and email leaks from the who’s who of US and global politics is stunning.  The information provides absolute evidence that former FBI Director James Comey has repeatedly given false testimony to courts, Congress, and the American public on the most pressing of issues.  Those issues range from the San Bernardino Apple IPHONE terrorism case to the current scandal involving Mr. Comey’s firing as FBI Director by President Trump.


The voicemail and emails show that the US security ad intel agencies have been completely infiltrated by terrorist honey trap sex moles.  Worse is the fact that the emails and voicemails indicate that the Director Comey and the FBI were repeatedly warned about the situation and took no action.  The emails and voicemails show the FBI, NSA, and CIA to be both in a panic and extreme denial concerning the depth at which the agencies have been infiltrated.  However, friendly foreign intelligence have made it clear that they do not trust the FBI’s information on terrorism, especially any information coming from then Director James Comey.  They know that many US intel and security LEADERS have betrayed their oaths of office and committed naked TREASON in exchange for sex with Jihadi seductresses.   This is how ISIS and Al Qaeda have been able to execute their attacks at will in the US and EU.


It was revealed in May that a top translator in the Detroit FBI office had traveled to Syria and married a top ISIS officer.  As stunning as this revelation is, it is not the worst. FBI super-agent Nada Prouty was found to have been a Hezbollah mole her entire career.  Ms. Prouty came into the FBI through the Detroit office and later became a highly decorated CIA agent.  Ms. Prouty’s handler was caught with $20 million in his basement along with photos of him with top Hezbollah leaders. House Intelligence Chief Devin Nunes was warned about the infiltration of the office in April 2017 and took no action.


The entire Trump-Russia, General Mike Flynn, and James Comey scandals are all fake.  The intel chiefs, such as Comey, are attempting to deflect attention from their dirty secrets, and even dirtier deals with former President Barack Obama.  Those dirty deals led to the deaths of hundreds of  US and EU men, women, and children. Those dirty deals are exposed in details on a series of conversations recorded by the FBI and a friendly foreign intelligence agency. The taped conversations reveal that the entire Trump-Russia, Flynn, and Comey scandals are a ruse.  The tapes are shocking, far worse than Watergate, and far worse than anything President Trump and General Flynn are accused of.  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agree that Comey made a deal with Obama.  This is a very dangerous time for AMERICANS  regarding liberty, freedoms, and terrorism. There is something bigger going on folks, and you need to know it, or there will be an Ariana Grande attack in the US every day in every state on a regular basis. It is now or never.

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