Email Leak Reveals Cosby Defense Strategy Is OJ Simpson 2.0

Email Leak Reveals Cosby Defense Strategy Is OJ Simpson 2.0

Complaint Filed With California Bar Association Against Lead Attorney Angela Agrusa

Los Angeles-June 5, 2017 Jerome Almon

A stunning email leak reveals the Bill Cosby defense consists of OJ Simpson trial like surprises.  Those surprises consist of two bombshell announcements on par with the Mark Fuhrman tapes, and  OJ Simpson “the gloves don’t fit” bombshells. The leaks are being released through a new media site specializing in revealing unknown information to the public from the national security, entertainment, and social arenas.

According to an email from Cosby lead attorney Angela Agrusa and her comments to the media and court on September 9, 2016, hearing in Montgomery County Pennsylvania,  the Cosby defense is based on an article from and a strategy developed by domestic violence expert, Jerome Almon.   According to the email, the defense strategy was used to force a settlement in the domestic violence case of former NFL star defensive player and Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Almon was contacted by both Ms. Agrusa and Mr. Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt seeking help after both had reached the conclusion they could not win the criminal case nor public relations battle.

The complete emails are being released over a 3 day period beginning Monday, June 5, 2017. The email leak begins with the complaint Mr. Almon filed against Ms. Agrusa with the California Bar Association and the stunning email from Agrusa written to Mr. Almon on a Saturday.  The remaining emails reveal the entire Cosby defense, and the controversy surrounding Mr. Cosby’s alleged blindness that led to the filing of the complaint with the California Bar Association.


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