FBI Voicemail, Las Vegas Mayor Email Leak Reveal Stunning Ariana Grande Concert Attack Connection To Imminent ISIS Attack

FBI Voicemail, Las Vegas Mayor Email Leak Reveal Stunning Ariana Grande Concert  Attack Connection To Imminent ISIS  Attack

Fake News And A Massive Cover  Up Are At The Center Of  The  Scandal

Las Vegas-June 1, 2017- Jerome Almon

One day soon I will wake up to breaking news  alerts  announcing that  Las Vegas is  under attack by ISIS.  I know that this is a fact due to the emails FBI voicemail and emails from the Mayor of Las Vegas  contained on the new media site http://comeystreason.com/2017/06/01/the-connection-between-the-ariana-grande-concert-bombing-and-the-imminent-isis-attack-on-las-vegas-how-fake-news-kills-and-destroys-the-economy. I also know because the FBI voicemail and emails were left for and sent to me.  The information in the emails  and voicemails are shocking, there is no other way to put it.  They detail just how terrorists have been able to pull off so many successful attacks within the US and Europe, despite very specific and the most credible of warnings from  the most credible people.


When I heard the news that Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK had been attacked, I knew that ISIS was launching its final phase of a much larger campaign against America and Europe.  A plot that I warned of in 2001, and again in 2015-2016 when I was contacted by top EU Ministers/security experts, the FBI, the Canadian Prime Minister, and several foreign intelligence services.  My warning to them was that there was a larger “offensive” in the works, and it is sinister.  Two of the specific warnings were concerning an imminent attack on Las Vegas and attacks on entertainment related events.  ISIS has released a video of their operatives within Vegas casinos plotting attacks, and the Ariana Grande attack is the just the beginning. ISIS has much more, and much worse planned.


I was given no choice in releasing  the voicemails  and emails, it is either that or allowing thousands of civilians-mostly women and children, get slaughtered in terrorist attacks over  the remainder of the year.  When you read the predictions, warnings, and forecasts, I and my think tank have made to authorities concerning terror attacks, and the fact that everyone came true, you will see why I had to release the information.  


House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Ben Sasse, Sen. Charles Grassley, former FBI Director James Comey, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Congressman Jason Chaffetz, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, several foreign intelligence agencies, several EU and Australian Ministers, and other well known politicians on the global and national stage.


Americans must demand the facts from their elected officials so that the public can prepare for the disastrous attacks, and hopefully prevent them.  The one “good” thing that came from the Ariana Grande concert attack is that it marks the end of the fake news, fake-ality TV, and fake world Americans have been living in since the end of the 80’s.  America must change, American media WILL change, and the fake era must come to an end. It’s a matter of life and death physically and economically.


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