Attorney Purav Bhatt Once Again Successfully Defends His Clients

Criminal defense attorney’s well-reasoned arguments lead to free clients

Chicago, Illinois- May 30, 2017

Attorney Purav Bhatt’s skilled defenses resulted in not guilty verdicts for several Chicagoans.  When Y.H., a local delivery driver, was accused of attacking an attorney, it was Mr. Bhatt who found the surveillance footage that showed that it was the attorney who was the assailant.  Mr. Bhatt also successfully defended D.K. when police accused him of possessing a handgun. Mr. Bhatt quickly established that the officer did not in fact have a clear view of D.K. and was in his squad car approximately 90 feet away when he thought he had seen the gun. 

The Law Offices of Purav Bhatt defend clients in Chicago and throughout Illinois.  Mr. Bhatt is a criminal defense lawyer with significant experience in successfully handling felony and misdemeanor cases, traffic cases, and other legal matters. 

For more information on these cases or to contact Mr. Bhatt and his Law Office please call (773) 791-9682 or visit their website at  The law offices are located at 1655 S Blue Island Suite 312 in Chicago.  

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