Labor-Based Companies Take A Hit With Trump’s Visa Restrictions

President Donald Trump has promised and delivered on restricting the number of work visas permitting foreign labor. As a result, many landscaping companies are feeling the impact.

In the past few months, President Donald Trump has begun to restrict the dole of H-1B and H-2B visas. As a result, many companies who rely on seasonal labor are beginning to face a variety of staffing issues. In turn, these companies, landscaping and construction companies in particular, have seen a drastic drop in seasonal workers.

On the other hand, some companies have protected themselves from such pressures. By consistently hiring highly trained employees, more established companies like JC’s Landscaping have been able to thrive just in time for the lawn care season despite the apparent labor shortage.  Clint Lance, the owner, had this to say about hiring seasonal workers; “When we first started we would hire seasonal workers, but we quickly realized how that limits us as a company.  The better approach for us was to find a way to provide work year round, so we could hire year round employees.  Not only did this keep our income up all year, we were able to have more domestic applicants to choose from.”

There are some industries that have no other choice but to hire foreign workers from these visas because they do not get any domestic applicants, like the seasonal resorts.  The volume of work within the service and hospitality industry doubles during the tourist season, and those businesses who hire within the general labor market struggle to increase their labor in relationship to the increase in business. In addition, local workers looking for employment are reluctant to take temporary or “seasonal” jobs, and prefer longer term -more stable- employment.


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