Good Vs Evil: Trump Visit to KSA (Saudia Arabia)

Good Vs Evil: Trump Visit to KSA (Saudia Arabia)

On the date of 21 May 2017, Donald trump which is the president of United States of America made a visit to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to meet to the king of Saudi Arabia. His main reason for his visit was as he wanted to seize a deal with the Middle Eastern countries. Moreover, he also wanted to look after about all the business and how people are dealing here in Arab countries. He made a speech at the summit conference which took place in between of 55 Muslim countries, he made a speech there, and he tried to reach out 1.6 billion Muslims around the world. His speech was against how to remove terrorism in the Middle Eastern countries as he said in his speech that most of the people around the world who are fighting against terrorism belong to Muslims.

Moreover, 95% individuals who are suffering from this dangerous kind of evil in the world which is terrorism are the Muslims. He gave different advice through which Middle Eastern countries could solve the problem and eradicate this evil from their homeland. His major focus was on terrorism must be removed from not only from the USA as well as all of the worlds he addressed the people in the conference that they should unite against this evil and fight with full courage and denotation.

He said at the beginning of his speech that he has not come to the KSA to give lecture moreover his visit to Arab countries was to suggest them some ideas and motivate them to remove this terrorism from the world and help other people around the world who are subfreezing from this evil. As the countries in the Arab are fighting against terrorism as there are several militants group which are Sunnis are formed. He also addressed the people that they are the most people in the world who are suffering from this devil.

There was the slight change which was seen in the trump as before one year ago when he made his comment against Islam was totally different, as today everybody sees a new side of the Donald Trump. He is showing people that he cares for the Muslim world and want to make the world a better place by removing the word terrorism from the world. Most of the people think that he has understood in the following year that the only thing that the world has a problem with is due to terrorism but not from the world Muslim.

He said on the following day of the speech at the conference that he wants to see the world a better place and to see the terrorism should -will be removed from the world and whatever it takes to remove it he said that everybody should do it. Year an ago he made a comment on the Muslim people by saying on the word which was Muslim; he said that “Islam hates us.” His wife Melina Trump gave him company; she was not wearing a headband which was also a problem with the people in the KSA that she was not wearing it as she is entering the Islamic state. Trump will not only visit KSA, but moreover, he is also going to visit other Arab countries which are Israel, the Palestinian territories, Brussels, the Vatican, and Sicily he is on the eight-day trip. Moreover, from the voyage of Trump in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he also signed a deal with the Saudi Arabia which was of $350bn. Moreover, he also danced with the Arab people in their traditional sword dance.

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