African Leaders Unite for Phil Murphy as the next Governor of New Jersey

African Leaders Unite for Phil Murphy as the next Governor of New Jersey  African Leaders Unite for Phil Murphy as the next Governor of New Jersey

On Friday, April 7th, 2017, African leaders across the State of New Jersey gathered together to plan and deliberate on upcoming events to bring all Africans in New Jersey out in support of the Democratic Governorship candidate Amb. Phil Murphy.

The well-represented coalition of African leaders from the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western parts of Africa came up with strategies to energize the community to come out to vote for Phil Murphy on June 6th. Leading this initiative were Mr. Derek, Charles Eke, and Deputy Mayor Ugo Nwaokoro


“We are proud to support the campaign. As a community leader and a City official in the City of Newark, I get to see a lot of people with concerns ranging from immigration concerns especially with the new President, people are concerned about their state of living and the overall American dream. Phil Murphy’s has promised to be a Governor to address these issues” Deputy Mayor Ugo Nwaokoro


“ Our community is energized and ready to support the candidacy of Phil Murphy. This meeting is to help plan different events and strategies to get our people out to influence the election. As Africans, we do have the number to influence elections in the State of New Jersey” Charles Eke 


The group is planning fundraisers, house parties, and open space events to show their support and endorsement for the candidate.  According to the minutes from the meeting, the African community will have a big parade on the tentative date of April 23rd. 


Religious leaders from the community have also pledged their support to the candidate to become the next Governor of New Jersey. To reach out to more people in the community, the group on Sunday, April 9th also visited the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Orange New Jersey and the Igbo Catholic Church in Newark, New Jersey. 


The Garden State is non-arguably the most diverse State in the United States, with Africans been notably one of the most popular international body in the State. The list of International and African leaders that have endorsed Phil Murphy keep expanding by the day.   


With the election less than three weeks, Phil Murphy is leading in the Democratic nomination process and very popular in comparison to the other candidates.

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