Three Former Attorneys General Say Marsha Garst Office Uses Coercive Tactics

More Injustice: Three Former Attorneys General Say Marsha Garst Office Uses Coercive Tactics

Last week, three former Virginia Attorneys General, both Republican and Democrat, weighed in on the Ivan Teleguz trial, asking Governor Terry McAuliffe to stay his execution, noting that his case was “replete with unreliable investigative techniques, coercive tactics by both law enforcement and the prosecution, recantations of key trial witnesses and consideration of false testimony in support of a death sentence.” Shortly thereafter, Governor McAuliffe acted, sparing the life of Mr. Teleguz.

However, the Teleguz case does not stand alone in terms of prosecutorial misconduct coming from the office of Commonwealth Attorney Marsha Garst. In the case of Donna Hockman, where she was convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole, there are striking similarities to those found in the Teleguz case file.

“Marsha Garst’s own medical examiner has contradicted his trial testimony,” says Hockman. “And, jailhouse snitches, similar to those used against Ivan Teleguz, also lied in exchange for leniency. Improperly solicited testimony from my own son was used against me because he was coerced by the prosecutor’s office. Of course, this testimony has since been recanted,” she continued.

Additionally, significant exculpatory evidence was never provided to the defense. “Garst has a long history of abusing her power as Commonwealth Attorney. While Ivan’s case was the most notable, and she attempted to take the most from him --- his very life --- it is in no way unique. It is time that there be a state or federal investigation into the prosecutorial misconduct which plagues the Rockingham County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office,” Hockman says.

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