Controversial Chiropractor Rolls Out “Bent Neck Giraffe Ad” Amid Criticism

Controversial Chiropractor Rolls Out “Bent Neck Giraffe Ad” Amid Criticism


Buffalo Grove, IL—“I’ve done nothing wrong,” says Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C., an animal chiropractic pioneer.  “It’s a funny, eye-catching ad meant to draw attention to the ridiculous laws prohibiting qualified chiropractors from working on animals.”

The ad in question, currently running in numerous newspapers across the country, shows a giraffe with a severely crooked neck with the caption “I Went To The Other Guy.”  Underneath the ad simply says, Dr. Kamen’s website.  Fellow chiropractors, and even some veterinarians have taken exception to the ad.   One Wisconsin chiropractor said the ad was disturbing since it implied there is an incompetent animal chiropractor practicing somewhere in his town, and the only competent animal chiropractor is Dr. Kamen.   “Nonsense,” said Dr. Kamen.  “The ‘other guy’ refers to no one in particular.  Furthermore, I’m not even promoting my services since I currently do not accept any animal patients.”

Dr. Kamen, 60, who is the author of three bestselling books on animal chiropractic, has been in the middle of the animal chiropractic legal firestorm since he started practicing in 1981, when, in fact, he did, or at least, tried to adjust a real life giraffe.  “I’m trying to forget that experience, “said Dr. Kamen.  “The giraffe was owned by an animal broker in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  There was nothing wrong with the giraffe, but I wanted to adjust the “Mount Everest” of necks, just to say I did.  Man, was that dumb.  The animal broker warned me it was dangerous.  I didn’t listen, then proceeded to climb a 13 foot ladder to reach the top of the giraffe’s neck while a local TV camera crew filmed the ill-fated adjustment.  The second I grabbed the beast by the neck, the not so gentle giant swung me off the ladder like a rag doll, my body crashing to the ground with a thud.  Unfazed, and egged on by a laughing camera crew, I climbed the ladder again with the same result, but worse.  The giraffe didn’t wait for me to touch him.  He saw me climbing that ladder and neck-butted me before my hands got any closer.  I tried it again, but only made it to the third rung.  The TV footage made national news and I was featured on some sort of “stupidest things people do” show that was shown on major airlines before the movies.  For at least two years following that footage, people in my local supermarket would walk up to me ask me if I was that idiot who tried to crack a giraffe’s neck.  Never again.”

Currently, there are only a handful of states who allow specially trained chiropractors to autonomously perform animal chiropractic services.  Most states prohibit or greatly restrict the practice of animal chiropractic by a licensed chiropractor.  Those chiropractors who adjust animals anyway, risk incarceration, having their human licenses revoked, or pay heavy fines.   Furthermore, few veterinarians offer this service.  Often, a horse or pet owner’s only option is to do it themselves.  That is why Dr. Kamen’s how-to horse, dog, and cat animal chiropractic books are so popular.  “Instead of condemning the animal chiropractic lawmakers, I should be thanking them, “said Dr. Kamen.  “My three animal chiropractic how-to books, The Well Adjusted Horse, The Well Adjusted Dog, and The Well Adjusted Cat, have sold over 150,000 copies worldwide.  Plus, my hands-on horse chiropractic technique clinics usually sell out in a day or two after they’re scheduled.  Hey, I like the laws!”


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