CIA Bin Laden Desk Chief: Obama Is A Jihadist Plant…And Worse

CIA Bin Laden Desk Chief: Obama Is A Jihadist Plant…And Worse

Coming Leak In Las Vegas Terror Attack Case And Trump Wiretap Case Backs Allegation

The allegation:

"The Syrian missile raid was only necessary because George W. Bush started an unnecessary war he did not intend to win in Iraq — removing Saddam, the West’s best ally against the Islamists — and because the thug-racist Obama intervened to an extent sufficient to get what he wanted; namely a war that would produce an unmanageable mass migrant problem for the United States and the West that would, over time, end the role of white people, republicanism, nationalism, and Christianity in the governance of Europe and North America. 

Lesson: When the unnecessary, not-intended-to-be-won wars caused by unconstitutional U.S. military and political interventions go wrong, Scheur’sthey can never be turned around and won by more unconstitutional, unnecessary, and not-intended-to-win U.S. military and political interventionism."

The allegation from super secret agent Michael Scheuer, the creator and former head of the Bin Laden desk for the CIA (known as “Alec Station) leaves no room for misinterpretationScheuer'sassertion turns out not to be farfetched. There is specific evidence related to the Trump wiretap case and the impending Las Vegas terror attack that backs Mr. Scheuer.  As with this assertion and the warnings his book "Imperial Hubris," Scheuer  is stating what I warned of years prior in my book "Why They Hate US So Much (featured on Al Jazeera). Another shocking point related to the accusation, and in which Mr. Sheuer and I have a connection, is that fact that America's enemies in the Middle East agree with us, and both regularly refer to our books and statements in their media releases (my book was featured on the front page of the most visited Jihadist website for over a decade following 9/11).

The evidence backing the Scheuer allegation against former President Obama being the "Jihadi Candidate" is unknown to even him.  Upon Americans seeing and HEARING the evidence, I assure you no one will have any doubt that Obama ordered the surveillance of President Trump in the same fashion  he oversaw PRISM and Vault 7. No matter what you are thinking, it is far worse than you could imagine. The irrefutable evidence is backed by  German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government, a foreign intelligence agency, and taped conversations with a US intelligence agency.  The scandal will make Watergate look like a parking ticket.  President Trump will be put in the unenviable position of being forced to pardon Obama as Gerald Ford HAD to pardon Richard Nixon. But having talked with President Trump on several occasions, there is a 90% chance he won’t issue the pardon. 

There is more to come, including the revealing of WHAT Obama DID that is so scandalous, and WHY he ordered surveillance of President Trump. (If you've noticed, Obama has been extremely quiet on the wiretap scandal issue- hasn't he…way TOO quiet? This is the same Obama that vowed to bring down Trump immediately after his inauguration and announced he had formed a coup de tat White House with Valerie Jarrett at his new mansion in DC. Once the information is released everything will make sense.) Be prepared to be shocked, be prepared to find out everything Trump said about Obama wiretapping him is true.

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