Email Leak Threatens To Send Bill Cosby To Prison For Life: Emails Indicate Cosby

Email Leak Threatens To Send Bill Cosby To Prison For Life: Emails Indicate Cosby

Email Leak Threatens To Send Bill Cosby To Prison For Life: Emails Indicate Cosby

Blindness And Defense Is Fake

By Jerome Almon


A bombshell email leak slated to be released in May destroys comedian Bill Cosby’s defense and blindness claim in his sexual assault trial in suburban Philadelphia. The scandalous emails between a domestic violence/violence against women/terrorism expert, Cosby lead attorney Angela Agrusa, and Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt reveal a stunning plan to deceive the judge, jury, and the American public by Cosby and his defense team with pilfered information. The emails and phone calls detail a  legal and PR team desperate,  demoralized, and beaten, that is miraculously rescued by the expert’s bold and aggressive strategy. The bombshell leak promises to turn the Cosby trial into OJ Simpson “the glove doesn’t fit” 2.0.

The emails reveal that Judge Steven T. O’Neill has repeatedly been lied to in open court concerning Bill Cosby’s blindness and several other issues. The deception is clearly proven by a timeline of events beginning on Saturday, September 3, 2016, with a phone call from Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt to the expert concerning an article the expert-authored on the Cosby sex assault, drugging, and rape scandal for  The phone conversation was followed by an email from Ms. Agrusa that is damning to both her and Cosby. The Agrusa email was followed by requested information being sent to Mr. Wyatt and Ms. Agrusa concerning an extremely aggressive legal and PR strategy that would “Plan B” the accuser.

On Tuesday, September 6, 2016, Ms. Agrusa, and Mr. Wyatt, repeated the information contained in the emails from the expert and article written by the expert word for word to the media in an impromptu press conference outside of the Montgomery County courthouse and before Judge O’Neill as their own and as a truthful statement of the facts without the expert’s permission or knowledge. Ms. Agrusa announced a strategy that was 180 degrees in opposition to the defense she had stated she would use just days earlier in interviews with the media.

The emails further reveal that the expert both predicted and warned Ms. Agrusa and Mr. Wyatt not to use fake blindness or other medical conditions to seek sympathy from the court, jury, and public. The emails show that the expert warned Ms. Agrusa and Mr. Wyatt he would expose the deception rather participate in the hoax. The forecast that the fake testimony and strategy would lead to Bill Cosby’s conviction and what amounts to a life prison sentence (Cosby is facing a 30-year maximum sentence) due to it eventually being exposed.  On September 9, 2016, an article was published with photographs of Cosby laughing as he quickly navigated the steps of his private plane after leaving the criminal hearing in Montgomery County. The photographs clearly show Mr. Cosby can see and walk without any issue, which is opposite of the role the comedic actor played in court earlier in the day.

The expert is filing a complaint against Ms. Agrusa with the California Bar Association is filing a lawsuit in Las Vegas against Ms. Agrusa, Bill Cosby, and Mr. Wyatt for a variety of torts including RICO and unjust enrichment.  The full email release is slated to occur May 7, 2017.


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