DHS Secretary John Kelly's Statement That He Doesn't Know How To Stop Homegrown Terrorism Is Catastrophic For Las Vegas And Trump Related Targets

DHS Secretary John Kelly's Statement That He Doesn't Know How To Stop Homegrown Terrorism Is Catastrophic For Las Vegas And Trump Related Targets DHS Secretary John Kelly's Statement That He Doesn't Know How To Stop Homegrown Terrorism Is Catastrophic For Las Vegas And Trump Related Targets

DHS Secretary John Kelly shockingly stated on the  CBS Sunday staple “Face The Nation” on April 23, 2017, that he did not know how to stop homegrown terrorism. This is like Tom Brady saying he doesn't know how to throw a football. The solution to homegrown terrorism has been known for 3 decades, so HOW could Gen. Kelly NOT know it? The solution is found in the simple question of WHY wasn't thee homegrown terrorism in the US in the 80's or before? A simple question with simple answer, what elements are in American society today that weren’t in the 80’s and before? It’s like school shooters, why wasn’t there a school shooter epidemic BEFORE Columbine? The answers are so obvious, even Stevie Wonder can see them. Too bad Sec. Kelly can’t.

The first issue that needs to be addressed is Secretary Kelly's appealing to the public that if you "see something, say something. In reality, the DHS slogan should be "SEE SOMETHING, SAY NOTHING,” I assure you that the last thing DHS wants any American to do is to give them information concerning a terrorist plot. It is like handing a cross and holy water to Dracula. DHS has ZERO intention or capability of stopping terrorist attacks.

Just look at the list of homegrown terrorists that DHS was warned about well in advance of their murderous slaughter of civilians, soldiers, and police officers in which no action was taken:

3) High school students, police academy recruits, security guards, and gun store clerks all warn that Omar Mateen is a blatant terrorist. DHS disagrees.

2)  Numerous military officers warn that US Army Major and Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hassan is a terrorist. DHS disagrees

1) On August 1, 2001 actor James Woods warns what is now DHS that a group of Middle Eastern men he is on a plane with are hijackers. His assertions are dismissed as ridiculous and no action is taken. On September 11, 2001 the men that Mr. Woods warned of crashed a plane into the World Trade Center resulting in nearly 3,000 deaths.

Even after these catastrophic fails, the security colossus that is DHS, seems to be unable to function at the most basic levels of its stated primary mission of PREVENTING terror attacks. DHS was specifically warned about the Paris/ Bataclan, Orlando, Brussels, and San Bernardino terror raids 3 weeks before that first attack took place and just let them happen. DHS was warned about the Dallas and Baton Rouge police attacks, and yet did not warn any police entity of the coming attacks. (This is why NYC has its own stand alone intel unit. NYC learned its lesson on 9/11, DON’T TRUST DHS/THE FEDS ON SECURITY PERIOD.)

However most disturbing is the fact that there is an imminent attack KNOWN to be coming against a major US tourist destination, no if ands or buts. DHS has been made aware of the plot, and the validity of the impending attack is even backed up by an ISIS video (full info at http://www.thefakenewsdisruptor.com/). The Prime Minister of Canada, foreign intelligence agencies, EU Ministers, and even the mayor of the target city all have ACCEPTED that the attack will happen any day now, but DHS has done NOTHING to stop what will be a horrendous slaughter dwarfing Paris and Orlando. The city in question is Las Vegas. And the threat just got a million times worse due to the completely UNPROTECTED Trump International Hotel And Casino right there for the big hit.  (Recent events with the Bellagio animal mask robbery, Strip bus shooting and siege, and Bellagio fire, clearly demonstrate Vegas authorities are in no way ready for, nor capable of defeating an ISIS or Al Qaeda raid on the Strip, the Freemont Experience, or at President Trump’s casino.)

The truth of the matter is that I warned that homegrown terrorism was coming to America in the 80's, and warned about it again in my book "Why They Hate US So Much" in 2001. However, the DHS and cable news "experts" said I was 100% wrong, no folks I was 100% RIGHT...AGAIN. DHS betting on the wrong people with the wrong vision, has led to every death and every dollar lost to terrorism in the US and the security and intel debacle the country now finds itself in.

The miss on homegrown terrorism goes to the heart of the problem with DHS, it was designed by the wrong people with the wrong skills. DHS has never established basic physical security, which means there is no HOMELAND SECURITY. Not having functioning locks on your doors is one thing, having no doors is quite another. DHS should stand for the Death, Hell, and Slaughter, because that is all it has brought America, and unfortunately all it will bring in the foreseeable future unless there is a 180 degree change in doctrine.

The truth is that any terrorist with $3500 can send the US economy back to the Stone Age and kill 40-60,000 Americans anytime they want by hitting a single border site (see http://www.thefakenewsdisruptor.com/). This is one of endless targets that have ZERO protection that sit on or near the US border.  To be direct, DHS is the VA of security, simple as that.  I do believe Gen. Kelly is a capable and honorable man, however he is going to have to implement a model that works, and most importantly listen to people outside of the band of chimps that have been running DHS since its inception. If not he will oversee a catastrophic loss of American lives and the destruction of Americana to the point of no recovery.

Finally, Sec. Kelly and Attorney General Sessions recently held a press conference stating that they are moving to arrest and prosecute Julian Assange of Wikileaks for espionage.  Good luck. Putting Assange on trial would be a disaster for US intel and security agencies.  Assange would simply reveal all the misses that DHS has made (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) and state that there is no way he could do more damage to the US than DHS does on a daily basis. And you know what, he is right.  HOW could DHS miss so much, so often, that is so obvious?  Trust me, you do not want to know the answer to this question, however it is coming in another post this week. Brace for impact...












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