Yes America, Obama Did Wiretap President Trump-And The Proof Is In FBI & NSA Phone Recordings

Yes America, Obama Did Wiretap President Trump-And The Proof Is In FBI & NSA Phone Recordings Yes America, Obama Did Wiretap President Trump-And The Proof Is In FBI & NSA Phone Recordings

James Clapper the Director of National Intelligence lying before Congress President Bill Clinton lying to the American public about having sex with Monica Lewinsky Gen. Mike Flynn revealing that President Barack Obama KNOWINGLY lied about ISIS being the "JV team"...all for political gain This means Obama deliberately told a bald faced lie to get matter how many people he was getting killed. Not WHY, but HOW could any sane person believe him when he says he didn't wiretap President Trump? The answer is no SANE person would.

Besides the information, I reveal below, and on the site, there is a dead giveaway that Obama is as guilty as President Nixon was with Watergate.  The tell is this, Obama like all human beings are consistent when they are being honest, and are anything but consistent when they are not. For example, Obama is consistent when it comes to making false statements for political gain.  Remember if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it? As with the "ISIS is the JV team" comment, Obama said what he said to get what he wanted re-election & Obamacare passed. However, in the case of his being accused of directing surveillance against candidate and President-elect Trump, Obama is completely inconsistent. Notice how QUIET he is? The Obama that didn't miss a chance to go after Trump before and after the election is all of a sudden as quiet as a church mouse. 

Obama, who has set up an anti-Trump war room with Valerie Jarrett in his new multi-million dollar mansion according to Fox News, is handed THE golden opportunity of golden opportunities, and he says nothing?!? He is saying nothing because he is as guilty as sin. He is saying nothing because he knows with the Wikileaks reveal of Vault 7...the "Obama Wiretap" emails are right around the corner. He knows that the information contained in the voicemail and taped conversations between the FBI, a foreign intelligence agency, hangs him high. Most of all he knows that it will be President Donald Trump that will have to PARDON him as President Gerald Ford had to pardon Richard Nixon. 

The big picture that the fake news media and Congress are missing is WHY Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump. Again, human nature gives away the crime. Obama's consistency in lying for political gain, in this case, the political gain was the election of Hillary Clinton who would keep his dirty secrets. Obama bugged Trump for the same reason the FBI called me and left the stunning voicemail posted on my site...he wanted to know how much information I passed on to a Trump confidant, and how much I knew about his stunning secret order to Eric Holder, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch. They all were aware of the contact from the Trump team. They all were aware of my warning to Apple CEO Tim Cook and the Judge in the FBI vs Apple San Bernardino IPHONE case that the FBI had broken into the phone in question they day they got it a full year before Wikileaks confirmed I was right with the Vault 7 release (see Australian article below that proves Comey is professional liar extraordinaire). They are aware that I have never been wrong on forecasting security threats or trends. (I warned of the 2015 Paris, San Bernardino, Orlando, NYC Tunnel, Detroit Tunnel, the DHS/TSA rape and bribery scandal, and a very serious threat directly related to President Trump, to top EU, Canadian, US officials and numerous other terror events well in advance of their occurring in interviews and via email).  

Obama knew that the only way to keep his dirty secret hidden was to have Hillary Clinton elected at all costs. When Trump won, Obama knew that his legacy would be destroyed if Trump discovered his secret. So he ordered the surveillance intensified during the transition process, engineered the fake news Russiagate campaign, and had the FBI call me DURING the Trump transition out of the blue. (Obama was tipped off by Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, but that was in June and the Fall. The FBI called me in DECEMBER on a fishing expedition, the first and second call from the Special Agents were night and day in regards to their motives.)

So folks, to put it directly, believing that Obama didn't wiretap Trump is like believing Bernie Madoff didn't rob. Madoff robbed his friends, he robbed Hollywood, he robbed charities, and he would rob you given a sliver of a chance. Obama lied about the threat of ISIS and is responsible for every attack and death they have caused in the West. Obama lied about healthcare, and he is responsible for every dollar being stolen from you to pay for the outlandish premiums and deductibles. Obama lied about wiretapping Trump, and he is responsible for his going down in history as the new Nixon with his own Watergate. (WHO was in charge when PRISM and Vault 7 were being run? Obama...CONSISTENCY REARS ITS HUMAN HEAD AGAIN.) The truth hurts, but it is the truth.




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