There will be a new Sheriff in town! Kendal Wade

The chances of finding a sincere leader with the true potential to serve are as many as finding a four-leaf clover in your whole lifetime. Luckily, we found one in Kendal Wade. There is no match for a young man who’s inspired and convinced to serve humanity. Prince George’s County, Maryland has been blessed with the same talented young man who can bring a breath of fresh air to public service. His roll-up-your-sleeves attitude, revolutionary ideas and spirit to serve indicate that he’s the man for the job.


With his motto of "More Service and Less Politics". Once elected Sheriff of Prince George's County he vows to protect the justice, peace, and equality that is guaranteed by the constitution to every citizen in his county.


He currently has several programs in place to improve the living standard of senior citizens, help children grow up in a safer environment, and to end poverty are top priorities on his checklist. Plus, he is also keenly working hard to eliminate domestic violence and violence against women.


In last few years of his service, he personally has saved two female victims of domestic violence; these are only two cases in a county that statically is leading in the number domestic homicides in Maryland. Dozens of domestic violence survivors were motivated by his dedication so much so that they collaborated to start a movement called "Women for Wade". Black Enterprise Magazine even dubbed him “Mr. Public Safety”.


Recently named one of Princes George's County Top 40 Under 40, Wade won't turned a blind eye to social issues, instead, he is resolving them and has become the voice of the people and the new face of justice and equality.


Instead of conforming to old conventions, he has brought fresh sealing breath to the local political environment. Wade is highly motivated and looking forward to leading his county towards a better future, he believes that the people deserve so much more. He is calling his political movement a crusade, not a campaign. With Kendal Wade at the helm, Prince George's County is moving in the right direction.



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