Brandeis Center Applauds South Carolina Vote

Washington, D.C., March 9 – Kenneth L. Marcus, president of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law made the following statement today commending the South Carolina House of Representatives for its overwhelming approval of H. 3643, a bill to combat rising campus anti-Semitism:

“Anti-Semitism is on the rise across our nation. In the past few weeks, many hateful acts have been committed against the Jewish community.  According to the FBI’s latest reporting, there were more incidents of anti-Semitism than all other religious hate crimes combined. And the situation is worst on college campuses where the threat to Jewish students is escalating at a rapid and frightening rate. 

“We applaud the South Carolina legislators for standing up against this growing anti-Jewish bigotry, and in a way that fully protects free speech on campus. We particularly commend Representative Alan Clemmons who authored this bill and has been a tremendous leader in protecting Jewish students and all students. We congratulate Representative Clemmons, his colleagues in the Israel Allies Caucus, and the Israel Allies Foundation for their successful efforts to fight discrimination on campus.”

H. 3643 passed the House on Second Reading by a vote of 103 – 3 and received unanimous consent for a third reading tomorrow. After the third reading, it will move to the Senate for consideration.

Marcus is a renowned anti-Semitism expert, an award-winning author of two books, The Definition of Anti-Semitism (Oxford University Press: 2015) and Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America (Cambridge University Press: 2010) and the associate editor of the Journal for the Study of Anti-Semitism.  He is the former staff director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, was delegated the authority of Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights and is the individual who drafted the policy by which the U.S. Department of Education investigates anti-Semitism claims.


The Louis D. Brandeis Center (LDB) is an independent, nonprofit organization established to advance the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and promote justice for all. The Brandeis Center conducts research, education, and advocacy to combat the resurgence of anti-Semitism on college and university campuses. It is not affiliated with the Massachusetts university, the Kentucky law school, or any of the other institutions that share the name and honor the memory of the late U.S. Supreme Court justice.

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