Laser Photonics’ BulletMaster™ for Marking Ammunition

Laser Photonics’ BulletMaster™ for Marking Ammunition Laser Photonics’ BulletMaster™ for Marking AmmunitionLaser Photonics’ BulletMaster™ for Marking Ammunition

Laser Photonics’ BulletMaster™ for Marking Ammunition

Orlando, Florida, February 16, 2017 - Many countries now pioneer laws to mark cartridges; tracing the marking of ammunition allows for better record-keeping of use, transport, storage, and quality control. Additionally, marking can be used to connect transfers of ammunition to unauthorized groups. It has been identified that in over 60 countries, poorly stored stockpiles have inadvertently exploded or been diverted into illicit markets. 

The BulletMaster™ 3D Marking and Engraving System by Laser Photonics (a Fonon brand) is an industrial-grade, next-generation laser system supporting all major bullet standards and calibers. The BulletMaster provides ammunitions marking ability to incorporate unique ID codes and thereby allow traceability to the individual purchase.

The International Ammunition Technical Guideline, released by the United Nations, describes a means of identifying all items of ammunition that are, "...For example: 1) filled with the same type of explosive or propellant made from the same production run with the same raw materials; or 2) contain the same component made on the same production run from the same raw materials."

Traditional methods of tracing ammunition have been incorporated in the package design. Of course, once it leaves the boxes, ammunition becomes less easy to trace. Most major ammunition manufacturers already use bar coding for inventory control and management to link the shell casing to the individual purchasing the rounds.

The BulletMaster Advantage
The BulletMaster’s proprietary software is designed to specifically serialize, embed service marks or logos, or UDI/UID barcodes to a large variety of weapon ammunition, such as bullet cartridges, missiles, bomb shells, mines, etc. 
It provides an oversized enclosure, supporting both circumferential marking and flat marking applications. All Direct Parts Marking (DPM) are permanent and legible. The BulletMaster processes the largest range of materials in the industry with special attention to highly-reflective metal applications.


Main Benefits
• Maintenance-Free Direct Parts Marking (DPM)
• Micro-engraving won’t effect any ejection or evacuation capabilities
• System allows for a very fine font with up to 14 alphanumeric symbols in a recessed area 
• Can process 9,000 rounds per hour
• Standard wall plug operation with high electrical efficiency 



The BulletMaster complies with the NATO Standard Agreement (STANAG) 2310, 2329, 4090, 4172, and 4383.

About Fonon: 
Fonon Corporation is a laser-based R&D and manufacturing company, based in the United States, which provides comprehensive design and equipment to numerous industries worldwide including aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, food and beverage, industrial, medical, and semiconductor. Laser Photonics™, a Fonon brand, is the industry’s recognized #1 brand of industrial-grade fiber and CO2 laser equipment for marking, cutting, engraving, and surface cleaning or preparation.

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