Terror Attack Like Those In Fort Lauderdale Airport Could Be Avoided Terrorism 101: Detect, Prevent + Respond

Atlanta, Ga – January 9, 2017 – The attack in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale's airport although it is early to determine Esteban Santiago’s motives, if it’s terrorism, criminal act or mental problems, this horrific incident shows the pattern which is common to recent attacks worldwide. “We witness the lone wolf assailant which commits the crime on his initiative, with the framework of a global terrorism variable and changing targets,” says Yaniv Peretz, Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner Program (CCTP) program director. “The current objectives that lead the recent attacks are against public places with high concentration of people, therefore this makes the job of security forces very challenging. With no prior intelligence and red flag indications of Santiago’s, all is dependent on ground level personnel and the awareness level of the security force in the airport, airport staff, and nearby passengers. Once the shooting incident starts, time is a critical factor, which depends on how effective and fast the response of security forces to stop the assailant and prevent more casualties,” he adds.

Familiarity with security-related issues in an age of terrorism, such as ours can serve as a first-class tool for security forces. Knowing about the adversary's capabilities, methods, and tools in advance can help us establish an effective security system that will eventually increase the level of our preparation to such incidents, and even prevent it.

After the creation of the successful Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner Program (CCTP), CCTP World is launching Terrorism 101, a new addition to their lineup, specifically geared to front line employees and on ground security, it will focus on those related to the transportation industry; airport staff and personnel, bus captains/drivers, bus controllers, train station staff, including security, as well as cleaning and ticketing staff, etc.

The goal of Terrorism 101 is to educate and provide focused awareness: How to look at things in a different way, how to look for things that are out of the ordinary, and how to respond quickly with the available means at hand. “Transportation workers are real-life first responders and in an event of threat, their response to a crisis is crucial. Identifying and recognizing a dangerous situation within its early stages will save lives. And this is indeed, the main objective of all CCTP World Programs,” says Peretz. “Terrorism 101 provides those with no police or military training the understanding that they are equally important, and their role can truly make a difference, once they know what to look for and what to do in case of.” he adds.

Terrorism 101 covers: Terrorism nowadays; an introduction to the threat; how does the adversary identify our soft targets; the tools an adversary uses, which includes explosives, active shooters, ramming, suicide bombers, etc.; possible warning signs; security measures ,  emergency response to terrorist attack; and more.  

The program is taught by two experts: Belgium Federal Police with over 20 years of experience, who is also an Ex Secret Service agent, plus an Israeli Ex Secret Service agent with over 40 years of experience in the field of anti-terrorism.

What is CCTP?
CCTP is a credential which provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and expertise in terrorism prevention, detection, and response. This credential is awarded to the eligible candidates who have successfully passed the examination which assesses the knowledge of 14 main areas in the field of counterterrorism. The CCTP Program is accredited by Skill for Security from UK and follows the international ISO standard for accreditation of personnel.

About CCTP’s Board
CCTP’s Board establishes and maintains a voluntary and comprehensive certification program through a specifically designed certification process called the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner. The certification is based on methods currently used in the government and private sectors that measure competency in security practices. The CCTP Board is a for-profit security firm which delivers exceptional value by acquiring top specialists and employing the best assessment methods, independent from the influence of governments, private organizations, and individuals.

At CCTP World we believe knowledge is the best form of defense against terrorism. For more information on Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner Program, its new Terrorism 101 Program, and to interview program director Yaniv Peretz or other experts on the Fort Lauderdale Airport tragic attack, please contact:
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