If living well is the best revenge, then Shakeer Bashi is a happy man as he turns 70

Dr.Shakeer Bashi a PHD in industrial engineering .

In 1999 and 2000, Bashi’s brothers – Mufeed and Haseeb Bashi - were among the many thousands executed by Saddam Hussein’s regime for suspected political activities. 

But a few years later, fate would intervene in a way that would give the Bashi family revenge and a great fortune.
When American and allied forces invaded Iraq during Gulf War 2 in 2003, the hunt was on for Saddam and his sons Udday and Qusay. 
Saddam was quickly captured but his sons were able to escape Baghdad. The country’s most wanted brothers were on the run as U.S. Troops searched for them.

Udday and Qusay found refuge in a private home in Mosul where they took shelter by threatening its owner, Sheik Nawafal-Zaydan Muhhamad, a regional tribal leader. 

Despite this, al-Zaydan  was able to contact his cousin – Shakeer Bashi. Together, the two men devised a plan and told American authorities of the brother’s hideout. The troops closed in and for three hours a fierce gun battle raged, and only ended when the two brothers were finally killed.

American officials had put up a reward of US $15 million each for the capture of the brothers, and so the two cousins suddenly found themselves wealthy. For Bashi, it was also a time of settlement for the murder of his brothers ​In thanks for his efforts, Bashi was given American citizenship and global protection program. He now lives between his homes in Michigan and Florida. He has one son, Mohammed, who lives in Canada.

Although Saddam Hussein was executed in 2006, former members of his regime are suspects in attacks on one-time political opponents. As a result, Bashi and his family receive additional security measures from U.S. and Canadian authorities.

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