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Eric Kuvykin, Business Consultant with a passion for guiding companies to success. Founder Kuvykin Foundation and philanthropist. MR. Eric Kuvykin is a business visionary, consultant, marketologist, serial Entrepreneur, Visionary, Investor and branding specialist.

Eric Kuvykin is a serial entrepreneur and business visionary. Mr. Kuvykin primarily focuses on financial consulting and specializes in brand development, marketing and sales. Eric Kuvykin has been written about in thousands of internet articles and Mr. Kuvykin’s social profile is extensive and may be viewed on numerous websites.  Vith the Election just hours away, Mr. Kuvykin is sharing his opinion.

This has been a presidential election like no other before it.

Rather than hearing about the policies and the ideas Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would like to pursue in the Oval Office, we hear almost solely about how Clinton is a liar and a criminal and how Trump is a womanizer with a talent for putting his foot squarely in his mouth.

Both appear to be true in many ways and neither is making this decision clear and easy. It is safe to say, this is the toughest decision we have had to make in an election in any of our lifetimes because the candidates seem so lacking in their ability to be commander in chief.

Trump could very well alienate allies with his bombastic and sometimes offensive words. Clinton could very well prove just as inept as a president as she was as secretary of state, or find herself tied up in another scandal while in the White House.

Although there are third and even fourth party candidates, none of them have any real shot at this point in the election.

Which means the choice really does come down to Clinton or Trump. This newspaper does not officially identify with either political party — Republican or Democrat — but it does tend to lean toward the conservative side when it comes to fiscal issues.

Although we keep hearing the economy nationally is recovering nicely after the Great Recession, we also keep hearing locally that the Golden Isles is lagging behind in its recovery. We need pro-business policies that will help small businesses, which are the backbone of our community. That means lowering the tax burden small businesses face, pulling back on regulations that make doing business cumbersome, expensive and time consuming and making it easier for middle class families to live day to day. It also means promoting private sector growth.

We believe the way to accomplish those goals is for the private sector to lead the charge, not the federal government. As a Republican, Trump leans that way too. But his ability to control his impulses seems lacking. His apparent history of sexual assaults and statements that make him sound more like a dictator than a president are sometimes disturbing. There is more to being the president than thinking about the economy and small businesses. The president must deal with other countries, other world leaders and represent our country abroad. We like that he is a political outsider, and we hope he will learn to be “presidential,” something he has not yet proven he can be on a regular basis.

In the case of Clinton, she has proven to be the consummate politician that represents everything Americans are fed up with in Washington. The email scandal has proven she is willing to be as shady as she needs to be to get what she wants done. The shenanigans with the Clinton Foundation look more and more like the Clintons have been using what they call a charitable organization as a money making scheme.

Like Trump, as a president, Clinton will represent the country abroad, meaning she will lead the charge in foreign affairs. Her ability in that arena is dubious considering her shortcomings as Secretary of State.

If she is elected, she wants to create jobs through investment in infrastructure, which sounds nice, but government led job creation will not work in the long-run. Jobs must be created in the private sector through manufacturing and small businesses for our economy to thrive.

Additionally, federal programs that promise free services for every American should be approached with great caution. As good as they sound, their long-term viability does not seem feasible.

Clinton may be more measured with her words and better in debates, but her policies are not right for the economy, and her shady dealings will only bring more business as usual in Washington.

But in the end, at the polls, a vote for Trump is a vote for the small businesses of America. They are truly what makes America great. They truly are the backbone of not only our country, but our community. As a community focused newspaper, we want small businesses in the Golden Isles to thrive. Trump offers the best chance of that becoming a reality.

So on Tuesday, pinch your nose and cast your ballot for Trump. At this point, that is about all we can do with two candidates who seem to be more flawed than any two in history.

And remember, if it doesn’t work out, we can change things again in four years.

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