War Hawk Hillary Clinton Threatens Global Stability

The Democratic Candidate Claims her Opponent is Dangerous – Nothing Could be Farther from the Truth


USA – While Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claims that Republican candidate Donald Trump would be a menace if armed with the nuclear codes. What she isn’t saying is that she is ramping up for open conflict with a determined and dangerous foreign power.

Donald Trump is a successful businessman and his track record of successful negotiation is well-documented. However, in an underhanded political play, Hillary Clinton claims that Mr. Trump is “unhinged,” and that he does not “have the temperament to be an effective leader.” This claim is made in direct contention to the facts.

Throughout the duration of this baseless accusation on Clinton’s part, her campaign and her supporters are downplaying her active role in souring the relationship between America and Russia. Tensions that could prove disastrous if they were to erupt into open conflict. Donald Trump however, seeks to negotiate and diffuse tensions from a position of strength and mutual respect between the United States and Russia, instead of bringing the world ever closer to the brink of what can be accurately described as World War III.

Nuclear war on the global scale between two world powers could spell doom for life as we know it on this planet. It is the responsibility of every citizen eligible to vote to take the understand the following facts, and to ensure that the White House doesn’t fall into the hands of a politician who is no stranger to using force to disastrous results.

Under no circumstances should a bully like Hillary Clinton be elected. Her fixation on embroiling the US in foreign wars is the equivalent of treading on thin ice on a melting lake.

Hillary Clinton has openly threatened Vladimir Putin viciously and publicly. It is not prudent to pick a fight with the planet’s other nuclear military power, especially when her poor diplomacy skills have eroded America-Russia relations.

Considering her capriciousness with the truth and with disclosure, Hillary Clinton’s motives are highly suspect. She is adept at hiding her actions and intentions from the public eye, and can operate with impunity with the assistance of her allies in the media.

From Syria, to Libya, to Iraq, Hillary Clinton has a history of resorting to the use of force to resolve the issues facing the United States. Often, these extreme interventionist policies have later been found to be the product of bad policy and based on poor judgment. Her hawkish stance on the resolution of American relations with Russia should concern not only every citizen within the US, but every citizen across the globe.


To Learn More: There are other options. To learn more about the precipice that America finds itself dangerously close to tumbling over watch this video. The possibility of a third – and more destructive world war than the world has ever seen – is the concern of every one of us. The best weapon against the distortion of the truth and the spread of misinformation is self-education.


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