Budget War Press Release

We Americans elected president Barack Obama for two 4-year terms. We trusted him to lead our nation out of the Great Recession, the worst economic downturn since the 1920s. We had faith in him to look after all the citizens of this country, not just the lucky few that happen to head up corporations or work on Wall Street.

Instead we stood by and watched him use his executive powers to spend trillions of dollars bailing out the big banks who directly caused the financial crisis, while the rest of us were losing our homes, jobs and any security we once enjoyed. President Obama even used his executive powers to commute the sentences of 673 federal prisoners. As we are still waiting for him to fulfill his promise to us.

Millions upon millions of Americans, the ones who voted him into office, are still suffering from the financial crisis that initially rocked the world in 2008, a crisis that could have been avoided had our leaders not been in the pocket of big money. This crisis was caused by criminal greed on the part Wall Street and the perpetrators are the ones being taken care of, not the citizens of this country. This has to STOP NOW!

Please join us in demanding president Barack Obama use his executive power for once to help everyday Americans dig our way out of this devastating financial mess. All we’re asking is that he issues a stimulus check of $1,000 or more to every Americans. It’s the very least he could do at the end of his presidency.  

Although this money is not going to make any of us rich, it will relieve a tremendous amount of stress while stimulating the economy. And there is the added bonus of creating happy moments in millions of families as we continue to work our way out of the uncertainties of this global crisis.


Mussa M. Lemsa (CEO)
Budget War P.O.Box 15894  San Francisco 94115 




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