Hillary or Donald? Seniors Ages 50+ Says... (poll by Penrose Senior Check-In Services)

Hillary or Donald? Seniors Ages 50+ Says... (poll by Penrose Senior Check-In Services) Hillary or Donald? Seniors Ages 50+ Says... (poll by Penrose Senior Check-In Services) Hillary or Donald? Seniors Ages 50+ Says... (poll by Penrose Senior Check-In Services)

DALLAS, TX August 31, 2016 - A new Penrose Senior Check-In Services nationwide poll among seniors ages 50+ shows a dead heat between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for President. "What is really interesting," says Rhonda Harper, Penrose CEO & Founder, "is that the verbatim comments reveal that, for the most part, seniors aren't voting for a President, but rather against the other candidate."

Seniors believe that Hillary would be a better President than Trump, 51% v. 49% respectively. And, they say that Hillary would be better for seniors as well, 53% v. 47%.  Among the 201 responders, all registered Democrats either selected Hillary or said they "didn't know." About 8% of the registered Republicans, however, shifted to voting for Hillary. Registered Independents were virtually equal among the two, with the majority undecided.

The nationwide survey was conducted online during August 2016 among 201 responders, 35% men, 65% women resulting in a 90% confidence level with +/-5 percentage points margin of error.



She is the most qualified for the job.
I don't like Donald and do not think he would make a very good president
like a platform
She has experience and is much closer contact with our country and other nations
Because who knows what Trump will do. He seems like he will just say anything so I don't know what to believe or not. Could be good but who knows.
Donald Trump is unqualified.
I support the Democratic platform
Trump is totally ill equipped to be president.
I hate Trump and the white supremacist groups that are rooting for him.
The lesser of two evils!
Democracy is the way to go. Trump is just too hard and short cut.
Anyone but Trump, Hilary has the experience
Trump is more like Hitler and Stalin--the ONLY person who can fix things, he is a misogynist, homo-phobe, racist,divider of people, whiney little bi*ch, uninformed, isolationist, con artist, thief who declares bankruptcy to avoid paying the middle class their wages, liar, disgusting human being who sacrafices nothing for his country. Is hated by most other countries other than Russia who he is in bed with. Need Is say more?
Difference between the two in temperment, life style choices and leadership experience
HC has many years of experience in government and how it works. Her goals are for the betterment of the people of this great country.
She is an experienced leader and part of history being the first woman nominated for President
Trump is a pompous, unqualified candidate
Trump is a bigot, anti woman and I would never vote for him.
She's intelligent and has experience this country needs.
Trump is crazy.
Support for children and women around the world
Because Trump is INSANE
She is the most qualified. He's just nuts.
Trump is dangerously unhinged
Trump is dangerous
None of your business
She supports social security /excellent world knowledge and respect/career of supporting health care for all citizens/strong base of financial understanding
Think about it. She's been in public service for some time, serving our country honorably, & I say that with no doubt. She was my choice 8 years ago also. Nothing has changed my opinions on that. She is the best equipped person to be our president.
Trump is very inconsistent and I fear for our security.
She has common sense and knows her way around Washington. Trump is a complete NUT. But it doesn't matter if Congress and the House doesn't change.
Donald Trump is modern day Hitler....scary
I like Hillary's global political savvy and I believe that Donald Trump has a mental disorder
She seems like the best choice
Trump is an incompetent narcissistic idiot.
The Republican platform.
Trump is dangerous for the country
I am very afraid of the divisiveness of the alt-right that Trump has chosen to run his campaign.
She is professional, has a good track record on government and has an international and caring reputation
I vote for females.
She is the better candidate, Trump scares the daylights out of me.
Trump is a bully and name caller without any ideas
Donald Trump scary
the better of two evils
Trump has the skill and temperament of a nasty child. He is dangerous.



Time for our country to get back to being fiscally responsible.
Anyone is better than Hillary Clinton
clinton is corrupt. we need a secure border.
He is the lesser of two evils
Hillary is a liar, crooked, and evil
I dislike Hillary
First Hillary Clinton is not a good person to get the control presidential of the USA, and Thump represent my party and for me he is more transparent and sincere with his planning . This country needs a radical change to improve the future of our generations.
Because Hillary is Satan incarnate.
We need somebody without political infuence
I believe that he ls more presldentlal than Hllalry. Cllinton.
ethically and morally i can't vote for the Clintons
Hillary is too much politician and not ethical. Also tends toward socialism
because I like him
more because I don't trust Hillary than I like Trump.
Tired of the Status quo, Can't be any worse than what we've had for the last 8 years.
He'll get this country strong again and not put up with government bull. He will also run it with an iron fist and not give away the tax payor s money
Because he is saying what peope are feeling and won't because of all of the political correctness.
need someone who cares about America
He has right politics.
More credibility than democratic challenger.
We need a shakeup in Washington.
Need change
Say what?
More jobs and tax plan
Hillary is not trustworthy. I like Donald's ideas.
He is honest and listens to people.
Clinton is a liar.I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.
It will be different, Hillary will be more of the same
He is the only candidate that tells the truth and stands for American values. The Clinton family as a whole is a bunch of very dishonest killers!!
"Because he is for all the people, not just the powerful."
Really? Clinton is a criminal
After nearly 30 years in public service, Ms Clinton has lied and finagled and obfuscated, but has done nothing for anyone other than her donors.
Do not want Clinton
Because I don't like her and I think that he was good for a change and he'll get all the immigrants out of the United States which would be a great thing for the economy
I trust him more than Hillary
Must get rid of Obama care
I prevent his values
Less beholden to special interest groups, clearly proud to be an American.
Don't trust Hillary
Because Hilary is dishonest, unethical and immoral to the core. She cares about nothing except accumulating wealth and power.
Because I do not trust nor do I endorse Clinton in any way. Her policies would not be good for seniors .
We need change. Fed up with current administration and politics.
Politicians have made a mess. They have been self-preserving in their actions. "Serving" was not meant to be self- centered
Hillary is a crook, unethical and only cares about herself
Hillary is dishonest and has mishandled classifieds material. If I had done this, I would be in jail. How does she deserve to move to the White House? This is unbelievable. Don't love Trump, but hate her!
He is upfront. No sugar coating. More truthful than Hilary.
I don't trust anything Hillary Clinton says.



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