Trump may stage terrorist attack on US soil then claim to be the only one that can SAVE US

Denver, Colorado, August 26, 2016—

Colorado Journalist Jon Little who began his career in alternative press working alongside the original owners of The Onion is first to predict Donald J. Trump’s October Surprise. 

Jon Little walks the readers step by step as to Trump’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Delusions of Grandeur. The psychiatric disorders paired with Trump’s pathetic polling numbers fuel the publisher’s thesis.  Moreover, ancillary data on Trump’s business practices and nefarious mob ties from Casino industry build a plausible case on why Trump may orchestrate an attack on US Soil to falsely pin on ISIS in Trump’s “Hail Mary” cabal.

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Jon Little is the Publisher of BEST OF COLORADO which is a hybrid of independent and quasi subversive press  alongside cutting social critique and satire. 

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