Phaedrus — 'Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.'

I admit I am guilty of expressing strong emotions surrounding the grandiose and sensationalized 2016 Presidential election.

The purpose of this article is to lay out my thesis. The 2016 Clinton vs. Trump election is as fixed as a wrestling bout between WWE's John Cena and Apollo Crews. We're talking phony wrestling with ladders, barbed wire, masks, villains & metal folding chairs smashed over shaved heads, orange spray tanned skin & steroid built bodies.

Let's dive into the evidence to support my outrageous theory that the Presidential election is a hoax. First, Trump jumped into a primary where he was going against some formidable front runners. Jeb Bush spent 130 million dollars and Jeb's failure may go down as one of the least successful campaigns in modern history. There were other big names that lost as well such as Cruz, Rubio, Huckleberry and the 69th Governor of Ohio John Kasich.

I am suggesting that Trump and Clinton got together over a year ago and the conversation went like this. Donald whispering to Hillary "I am not given much of a chance in the primary given the big guns I am running against but I think the GOP electorate is stupid enough to fall for my mastery of the cable news cycle"


Trump had his advisors sit in a room for days and listen to the top 5 talk radio conservative blowhards. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage and the main themes these idiots and their ignorant listeners rage over are:
1.) hating immigrants and fear that non whites will steal their jobs 2.) bigotry in all forms and 3. ) love for war.  I am proposing that Trump told Clinton that he will stay on message and not talk about anything but deporting Latinos, building a racist wall, having Muslims wear ID badges and discuss how foreigners are here to steal the dreams of the White Race.   I am also suggesting that just in case his message of nationalism and hate gained traction that he had a back up plan to drive the entire campaign off a cliff with a series of inflammatory statements that would one by one piss off every sector of the voting ecosystem.

Things just don't add up and that is why I can prove this is a fix. Trump is intentionally "throwing" this election.


Let's summarize some of Trump's so called gaffes.
 I don't think they are gaffes at all but a strategy to lose intentionally. I am going to trot out some of his blunders and these are just off the top of my head.  I am leaving out many otherwise this article would would never end.

List of Trump blunders. (not in chronological order)

1.) Women should be punished for abortion.

2.) We should go door to door and round up Latinos and deport them.
3.) Trump's attack on a judge calling him "That Mexican."

4.) When skinheads or KKK members endorse Trump he fails to condemn their endorsement.

5.) Trump stating he might launch a nuclear attack on Europe.

6.) Trump affectionate remarks about dictators and the related #7,
7.) Trump announcing he wants to bring back torture.

8.) Trump stating he knows more about ISIS than top military officials.
9.) Trump asserting that Ted Cruz's dad was involved in JFK's assassination.

10.) Trump stating he is going to build a big wall on the Southern border and that that Mexico is going to pay for it.

11.) Trump mocking a disabled person.

12.) Trump attacking a Gold Star family enraging veterans.
13.) Trump called for the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

 Now let's examine  the theme running throughout  these missteps. Scan the list above  then analyze the voting block he has alienated w/ the simple chart below titled EXHIBIT 1. On the left is the Gaffe number & on the right the demographic alienated by the blunder.


Gaffe #          Voting Block Trump intentionally alienates
1.                               Women

2.                               Latinos

3.                               Latinos

4.                               African Americans

5.                               Entire Electorate

6.                               Entire Electorate

7.                               Entire Electorate

8.                               Entire Electorate

9.                               Entire Electorate

10.                             Latinos 

11.                             People with Disabilities

12                              Veterans

Trump claims bad publicity is still publicity. His missteps are blatantly intentional attempts to throw or lose the election. 

The trillion dollar question is to figure out why Trump is throwing the election? 
My theory is two fold:

a.) Narcissism. Trump loves Trump. The fact that he has mastered the art of manipulating the news cycle should be an indictment on our gullible media. Like a serial killer, Trump is escalating. Trump has grown increasingly erratic of late than usual. He has become unhinged ,but again this is part of the plan or the fix; they are self inflicted wounds to sabotage the election.

b.) Anyone educated knows that we do not have much of a choice in our 2 party system. The GOP and the donks have everything in common. Love of Wall Street over Main street. Love over megacorps / corporatism over small business. Love of war profiteers vs a foreign policy of diplomacy. Love of banking interests over consumer interests. When Obama took office in 08 we saw no change. Google his campaign promises sometime. Guantanamo is still open, our medical records are not digitized, there was never a jobs bill, NAFTA was never repealed, his big promise of immigration reform never realized, war strikes increased under Obama over Bush ( counting drone strikes predominantly) - I am not bashing on Obama as much as emphasizing the same evidence Princeton wrote in their study "US is no longer a democracy"


Trump is throwing the election and here is how math proves my theory. At any point in time when Trump speaks he has the choice of speaking to substantive issues such as the economic development, repairing infrastructure, jobs, the environment, domestic policy & foreign policy but instead opts to make off topic inflammatory statements.

Using Math or Tossing a Coin,

Trump's two headed coin.

I digress to the topic of probability. Every time Trum opens his pouty mouth and says something there is a chance he will say something we will call "on message,"  (or in his best political interest) or "incorrect" (undermining his interest.) Those who sit in rooms and read LexisNexis TV and radio transcripts do the tedious task of content analysis. Trump defies the law of averages in that everything he says is the wrong thing to say which is an impossibility under customary patterns of probability.   If you were to sit in a room and flip a coin time after time, no one on planet Earth could flip the coin and predict the outcome every single time.  Try if you can even get three in a row correct. How does this "FLIP OF THE COIN" metaphor convey to Trump's blunders?  How can it be that each time he speaks it turns into the controversy of the day ? The law of averages dictates that he would get some statements correct or at least some of  his statements would be deemed as neutral &  not set off a shitstorm.  He purposely won't  address routine platform topics. The predictable shock from his intentional missteps is like knowing the outcome prior to flipping what's like a two headed coin .  How could this be ?  Precisely because it is scripted for Trump to say the most incorrect thing every single time. This proves my theory that Trump is sabotaging his own campaign. This is all theater because it is mathematically impossible otherwise. There is an old cliche, "Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn," meaning even people who don't know what they are doing can be right sometimes. But Trump says the wrong thing every time and his uncanny record of intentional "gaffes"  smacks against the prevailing law of averages .  

Here is another mathematical truth. Look at the chart above that lists the blunders and the corresponding voting block alienated. How could anyone attempting to win the general election do so by intentionally offending women, latinos, blacks, veterans, muslims and anyone with a brain in their skull?

There is no mathematical path to victory in examining Exhibit 1.

So what is the end game?

The elite in our nation control the means of production, banking policy, stocks, & have the power to topple legitimate governments so captains of industry can rape the third world of their raw materials while exploiting their labor. It is blatantly obvious Trump is throwing the election and I'm certain he will escape jail for his future tax problems that are monstrous & criminal. Hillary will pardon Trump and that is most likely the deal that was made. How do you feel about this hoax? I find it to be beyond disturbing but I'm not surprised given all the other cabals surrounding our broken system. 

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