Well Known Animal Chiropractor Says He Can Fix Crooked Hillary’s “Scoliosis Of The Brain”

Buffalo Grove, IL---It isn’t often you see a chiropractor working on a horse---let alone a Presidential nominee, whose party’s symbol is a donkey.  But that’s what Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C., author of The Well Adjusted Horse said he’d like to do.  “I’ve worked on a lot of crooked jackasses before,” said Dr. Kamen, “but never one running for president.”   

It’s no secret Donald Trump, the blustery GOP candidate constantly calls Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary.”   And Dr. Kamen thinks Dr. Trump may be on to something.  “I’ve done a detailed analysis of Hillary’s erroneous statements throughout this campaign,” said Dr. Kamen.  “And I’ve come up with, what I think, is a definitive diagnosis: Hillary is suffering from a common Washington malady called Scoliosis Of The Brain.”

Most people have heard of Scoliosis Of The Spine, in which a person’s spinal axis has a three dimensional deviation.  Scoliosis Of The Brain (SOTB) is something completely different.  SOTB  is when a one dimensional person has a two dimensional tongue that causes the brain to curve to the right during one speech, then suddenly curve to the left during another speech, and hoping no one notices.

Dr. Kamen, who has worked on the champion racehorse Cigar, and has lectured all over the world on animal chiropractic, says there is no specific chiropractic adjustment for SOTB, but there is a procedure that has a 99% success rate: wiring a politician’s jaw shut.  “The success rate,” said Dr. Kamen, “would have been one hundred per cent, but Anthony Weiner threw off the curve.”

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