Rising Seas From Global Warming Causing Zika Virus Spread

Monstah PAC Blames Republican Climate Deniers in Congress for Zika Spread; Connects Rising Seas to Imminent Zika Threat in South Florida and Predicts Housing Market Collapse There by 202

Oceanside, California--August 5, 2016

Monstah PAC, a grass-roots progressive super PAC involved in key 2016 Congressional races, premiered a Zika virus pictoral guide today to its website highlighting the Zika outbreak in South Florida due to mosquitos breeding in the abundant standing water in Miami’s North side, an area with a predominately Black population.   The standing water in the area is due to recurrent flooding due to the rising sea permeating the land under the city which is composed of porous limestone.  

Monstah PAC also released its 14th YouTube video today, “Rising Seas Pose Imminent Threat to South Florida Economy,” , accompanied by a video message from the PAC’s Founder and Treasurer, David Eisenstein, in which he blames Congressional Republicans’ obstructionism for several problems threatening our existence, such as gun violence and unabated rising seas caused by global warming.      

The voice-over to the video ominously predicts the collapse of the South Florida economy in the early 2020s due to a predicted moratorium on 30 year mortgage loans and inevitable refusal by insurance companies to insure the homeowners in the area.


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